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event marketing

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  1. PizzaOnTheRoof

    Targeting Big Events With FB/IG/Google Ads Geotargeting?

    I had an idea that I've been tossing around in my head for a while. Ever since Facebook and Google introduced geo-targeting as an option, I have thought about using it to target say College Football games using a geofence. Think about it, thousands of people with a common interest are gathered...
  2. Greg R

    Does Your Niche Have a Holiday? If Not...$ Goldmine $

    Here at the forum we talk a lot about adding value (bonus points for adding huge value with little to no money). Example: I met a dude at the 2018 Summit who started his business with $2,000 and sold his company for $2M a few years later. What excuse did you have again??? We also talk a lot...
  3. Vigilante

    PUBLISHING Uncommon Publishing Results Require Uncommon Action

    I am a product marketing guy, but book launching and marketing is different. Many of the tricks of the trade that are used in physical product marketing don't apply to book marketing, and many successful strategies for book publication don't apply to the physical products industries. I tasked...

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