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  1. ChryslerCreates

    A product that creates the perfect barista foam

    Hey Folks! I have worked in the catering industry for 4 years. During this time I developed a taste for cappuchinos / coffee. I noticed that many people and especially beginners find it difficult to create the perfect milk foam. This leads to a bad cappuchino, dissatisfied customers and...
  2. E

    How do I escape? (Ideas, suggestions, and advice needed)

    I feel stuck. I work 2 jobs right now. I work at night and I work part time at Chick-Fil-A. I am also trying to get a degree in Cybersecurity. So, I am very swamped. I do work hard enough though that I have a two nights a week plus Sunday evening to work on personal stuff. right now I use that...
  3. Palcin

    Palcin's Journey to the Fastlane

    Good day everyone, I'm Palcin and I am 24 years old, a lifetime slowlaner, an ultra positive and a naive type of person. I am from Canada where they use french as a primary language. I have a degree in business admnistration with a concentration in managing human ressources. If I compare to my...
  4. F

    Consummate Slow-Laner who doesn't really wanna be one anymore

    How's it going all! I thought I'd take a stab at introducing myself here. My name is Philip. I'm 33, have a wife, 3 kids, and a 4th on the way. And I am a tried-and-true hard working emp-plo-yee. Probably one of the best employee's you could ask for in the service industry. I'm hard working...
  5. RHL

    Four Years of The Fastlane Forum

    Continuation of this thread: One Year of FLF. Sorry for being gone for so long, but I had a good excuse: Unfortunately, I read this thread while I was away: I'm gonna be a dad.. Did I just lose the fastlane? And realized that I had lost the fastlane. There's just too many red gumballs in...
  6. Departed

    My search for the EJECT button

    Hello all, I am 32, and I work for one of those awesome and super cool auditor firms some of you might have heard of. I just got a huge promotion and will receive a big pay raise (Woop Woop life is great!!111). In my current position, I get to travel the world, fly business class, stay in nice...