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  1. André Casal

    Pure Execution Challenge

    Pure Execution Challenge This thread was inspired by this thread and this thread. Execution is king The ability to execute is the main deciding factor when growing a business or making progress of any kind. A poor idea with excelent execution makes a lot of money, but an excelent idea with poor...
  2. CPisHere

    Dopamine Fasting (NSFW language)

    For many people "lacking motivation", their dopamine system is completely screwed up. There is pain associated to work, and pleasure associated to surfing social media (or eating chips, etc) all day. This guy is.... abrasive. But I find it refreshing. He's not for everybody so here's your...
  3. Disciple96

    HOT TOPIC Can You Take the "Dopamine Fast" Challenge?

    Here is a short video on dopamine fasting; What it is, how it's done, and why you should take the challenge. For those who can't watch the video, here's the long and short of it: Just like drugs stimulate a dopamine release (the "pleasure" or "reward" chemical in our brains), so too will a...

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