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crypto currency

  1. depth

    Let's talk about crypto currency

    So what's the best coin to stake? and do you guys do fast trade or hold? and I really want to get in stocks so any starting tips? Ready to here your opinions :D
  2. kaleidosam

    Escrow system?

    As you know, escrow system is so reliable that consumers don't need to worry about fraud. However, escrow system use more time than traditional trade. sometimes, someone can't believe escrow system also, because that's made by human. For this reason, customers( student, a retail dealer or any...
  3. Andy Black

    Cyrptocurrency news: Facebook launches Libra

    Mark Zuckerberg announced the following earlier today: View:
  4. GlobalWealth

    [Progress thread] Building out a crypto mine, step-by-step - AMA

    I wanted to drop an intro post about the crypto currency mine I am currently building out with my business partner. I will go through steps on how we made decisions on where to build the facility, what other location options we chose, what type of coins we will mine, what hardware we will use...
  5. Niptuck MD

    THERE is always a way to create something or add value

    haha just decided to share this article from my friend over at sovereign man. This is amazing. the porn stars here are suing the POTUS lol but the ones overseas are really onto something! A new ICO from a bunch of porn stars | Sovereign Man
  6. Ben Ma

    Hello everyone

    Hello. I'm new to this forum. I kind of stumbled onto it. Anyway, I'm here to discuss crytpo if anyone is interested? I just started trading bitcoin and litecoin and I'm interested in speaking to like minded people on how to make the most out of our investments. I'm a CPA. I have two children...
  7. Scot

    Cryptocurrency is an action fake, is it not?

    After checking my Blockfolio app for the 40th time, I realized I’m setiously wasting my time. Crypto is an interesting market to speculate it. It can be a decent windfall if you day trade properly. But for most of us not investing significant money into crypto. Stop reading crypto threads...
  8. PetePreneur

    What Are The Best Altcoins To Look Out For In Cryptocurrencies?

    So with this boom of cryptocurrencies, I've become interested in trying to spot newer coins that have some sort of a competitive advantage/differentiation to the bigger players such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. I felt having a thread where we can point these out to each other might be quite useful...
  9. Perry Rico

    Crypto Currency is Violating All Fastlane Commandments

    Hi Guys, I haven't been in the forum for a while. Got busy for sometime. I am curious. I've met people that surrounds me who are into: 1. Cryptocurrency trading 2. Initial Coin Offering 3. BitCoin investment Those three ventures above had violated all the 5 commandments of fastlane. However...