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compound interest

  1. FastLaner007

    MJ talks about living off of 3.5% interest from bonds for life. But is he correct?

    Dear Fastlaners, I have a genuine question. MJ says in TMF and UnScripted that you can live off of interest from a large sum of money all your life without working. But I have a doubt. Suppose you have $10 million invested in municipal bonds, and you earn 3.5% interest per year. That's...
  2. Kennypaul


    In chapter 14 of the Millionaire Fastlane,MJ talked about how these "financial gurus" rephrase the titles of their books/seminars as "REBUILD YOUR WEALTH","START OVER","RECOMMIT"...blah blah blah In my case,I've been urged by the host of this upcoming seminar titled "UNDERSTANDING THE 8TH...
  3. Daniel A

    BOOK MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

    Hey, I'm not sure if you've heard about Tony Robbins new book or not... Well if you haven't, he launched his new book recently and there's one aspect of his launch that's just great. Tony is going to donate all the proceeds from his new book to help feed less fortunate people this...
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