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commercial properties

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  1. MoJoe

    Rite Aid Commercial Property

    Hello everybody and I hope you’re having a great week! —This is my first post on here— I’m 35 years old with on and off experience in real estate mostly as a broker. I’ve rented apartments and I did some sales but nothing major under my belt. I know the business but mostly in theory as I...
  2. DrkSide

    Building a Multi-Million Dollar RE Portfolio with $50k

    After talking with quite a few at the summit I realized that I don’t have a progress thread on my real estate ventures yet and I’m sure at least someone can get value out of my story this far and progress going forward. Now, while the title sounds great and all I’m not quite there yet. This...
  3. Rdayley

    INTRO Howdy from Clarksville TN

    Hi, My name is Ron Dayley and I am a realtor in Clarksville TN. I invest in mostly commercial properties which I run MMA gyms out of. I am here to read and learn from others. Regards, Ron

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