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  1. Damien Boss

    How to find a good cofounder ?

    I'm a software engineer, and I've been working on my startup idea for a few months. I came across a friendly guy with much enthusiasm but not very skillful and decided to take him as a co-founder. I agreed with him that we will work together on my project, but I'll pay him for the first few...
  2. Singularity73

    Bringing on a cofounder, years later?

    Ok hopefully you fastlaners can share your thoughts on this :) I've been working with a marketer for a few months, he's been helping me improve my product and given great feedback, which I've implemented. One of the major breakthroughs has been a change in the pricing model, which has seen a...
  3. Scot

    How much equity should I give this All-Star?

    Alright brain trust, I'm putting this out to the forum community to see what ya'll think. The Situation I was introduced to a guy who became very interested in what my company is doing while at a conference. And he's semi retired but looking for a project to be part of. He's also as perfect...
  4. MitchM

    Deciding how to split equity amongst co-founders.

    Hey there, so a close friend and I have decided to start a website together and the project is quite ambitious. Right now we are trying to get funding and decided that right now would be a good time to figure out the equity split. He came up with the idea and nurtured it for a few weeks before...