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cleaning company

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  1. David Fitz

    EXECUTION Growing My Cleaning Business - My Journey

    I've had a cleaning business for over 3 years now. During this time I have never taken it seriously as I hated it. I've always wanted to have a "sexy" online business while I kept the cleaning business as my job. I have an Ecom store that does 6 figures a year. This will soon be ending as me...
  2. Tubs

    EXECUTION Starting a cleaning business

    I'm a chronic over-thinker. I first started thinking about starting a business in summer 2018 after reading the millionaire fastlane, it's now fall 2021 and I haven't made any real progress. I've read books, attended the fastlane summit, come up with various ideas and generally have done a lot...
  3. pappaishere

    EXECUTION Improve an existing cleaning company

    Hello Fastlaner! I'm starting to help a cleaning company of my city! The owner of this company has many calls everyday and works now, but she's leaves many $$$$$ on the table. I found that this company has really poor website, no marketing strategies and bad administration of the role of...
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