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  1. GoGetter24

    Charity: A Powerful Portfolio Builder

    In order to get clients, you need a portfolio. And in order to get a portfolio, you need clients. Common ways to breech this loop Doing dregs work. Offering heavily discounted prices, to try and lure clients who otherwise wouldn't contract with someone they don't know and with no track record...
  2. C

    giving all my company’s profits away! (Preferably without starving)

    hey everyone! I’m thinking about starting a c Corp that donates 100% of profits to a charitable foundation. I want to collect a reasonable salary and donate the remainder. My products competitive edge is its charitable spirit, so I want to advertise “100% of profits go to charity” Here are my...
  3. Strm

    Volunteer work - how many of you are doing it?

    First off, thanks for this amazing forum and to the people who are contributing here! Lately I’ve been having thoughts and doubts about my overall existence. What the F*ck is the meaning of my life? I think it is just a phase but it does sound scary in my head :) I always love to help people...

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