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case study

  1. Andreas Thiel

    Midjourney as a Case Study

    "Midjourney, Inc" is an intereting company to take a look at. I think diffusion models for asset creation have more short term potential than LLMs do. Midjourney might be in a critical phase right now. They do focus on the product and listen to their users. They do micro-polls on their Discord...
  2. L

    Celcius energy drinks are going CRAZY right now. Collective 'case study' thread for opinions on why, to help new entrepreneurs understand tactics?

    Lately every single dude I see on a construction site has one of these going, and every other person I see at a corner store/gas station in the morning is buying one. I'll start by saying I am 'new entrepreneurs' but here's my ideas as to why, please correct/critique me: Marketing to the...
  3. D

    Exchangium - HOLY SHIT (Company Study and Inspiration)

    I just saw an ad for Exchangium, a (I'll just leave it to their About Us page) This is how even bigger wealth is created, serving the backend and facilitating connections inside of a disparate, fragmented, unsexy industry. Exchangium is doing this for the electricity industry. Instead of...
  4. JHZ

    Hydro Flask case study

    So a couple of months ago a saw a friend in class with one of this things, "looks cool" I thought, some days later my girlfriend tells me she wants to buy one, "hmm that's a coincidence" I reckoned. Now, I live right next to San Diego, so this may be a Cali trend, but my God, I began to watch...
  5. SD Entrepreneur

    SUCCESS STORY: $3.7+ Million in Sales since 2012 (Service Business)

    Hello everyone! New member of the forum, love the community and inspiration it provides and thought it was my time to join and contribute. A QUICK OVERVIEW OF MY JOURNEY (so far) Graduated college (no loans, paid by working hard in a trade before starting and working during school) Got a...
  6. DennisD

    How a Stable Boy Built a Business Bigger Than McDonalds

    In 1909 a farm boy got a job shoveling animal poop at a local ice shop. Back then ice boxes needed ice delivered, and somebody needed to clean up after the animals that pulled the wagons. This boy would grow that company to have more location than Holiday Inn, Walmart, Dunkin Donuts, and...
  7. Scot

    Your audience has spoken

    And they hate your product. So I saw this Facebook ad at least 3 times yesterday (I think I got pixeled after I clicked it the first time) There's an important lesson here that the business hopefully will learn and I hope you'll pick up before it hurts you. So their copy reads that they...
  8. Scot

    [Case Study] Creating a successful franchise with over 90 doctors

    Franchise Brings Hospice-Care Model to Pets <- Entrepreneur Magazine article Here's a quick case study I put together to show that any business or concept can be franchised successfully. Lap of Love is a business that has several successful franchises that specialize in veterinary hospice...
  9. Sully1994

    Dan Peña Completely and Utterly Loses His Shit

    ( goes ape shit at 1:40 )
  10. J

    Uber is self-destructing from within

    Uber's no-good, very bad month: The stunning string of blows that have upended the world's most valuable startup It's pretty insane, here are some quotes from the article