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canton fair

  1. AgainstAllOdds

    Canton Fair: 2019

    I'm thinking of heading out for up to 3 weeks and living in Guangzhou - taking care of business west of there while helping a friend launch his first business by picking a product line from the Canton show. If you're interested in meeting up and splitting a place, post below. I think it'd be...
  2. The Racing Driver

    October 2018 Hong Kong / Canton Fair Meetup

    October is going to be a busy month here in Hong Kong and Southern China. There's the HKTDC Electronics Fair from October 13th-16th, and the massive Canton Fair from October 15th to November 4th. Are any fastlaners planning to come by Hong Kong for these events? If anyone's interested, I can...
  3. Longinus

    The First Time in China Guide

    In the near future, I'm going to see a trade show (not Canton Fair) in China. It's my first time ever in China and I heard and read a lot of things. Since many forum members have lots of experience visiting this country, it would be nice to sum up all the important stuff. I want to create a...
  4. constantino96

    Going to Canton Fair 2017 Phase 1, Any experiences ?

    I am going on the canton fair this year, its my first time on china. I am going 1th Phase with my dad. But I am now really struggling with the pre-application for the buyers badge and in generell the Invitation If anyone ever went to the canton fair or has any experience with the pre...
  5. needchaser

    Canton Fair Referral (Possibly make some easy money if you've been to the Canton fair before)

    I'm planning on going to the Canton Fair in the Fall of this year and on the registration page I see that people who were signed up as previous buyers can get a referral commission for referring a new buyer. I know members on here have attended in the past and figured I'd give someone a chance...
  6. Sanj Modha

    Anyone going to the Canton Fair?

    Hey FLFers! I'm thinking to heading to China in April for the Canton Fair. Has anyone been to China or the fair before and do you have tips for a vegan? Reply below if you're going and we can co-ordinate something if I make. I'm seriously thinking of bringing my cook with me from India! Thanks.