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business partner

  1. mazzonleonardo

    Business partner lies for 3 months on corporate money he spent

    Hello everyone. I'm new here and I'm glad to be able to see other people who have taken up the fast lane and are helping each other to walk it the best way possible. I am making this post to ask for advice from people who have been in the game for years about a situation I am in right now...
  2. C

    Looking for a partner in Germany

    Hi, I am looking for a business partner in Germany. The idea is to eventually develop an app. Now you don't have to be a coder, to me it's just important that you have adopted the fastlane mindset very very well. Send me a direct message if you're above the age of 24 and I can explain...
  3. CanadianTrucker

    The value of a business partner

    I have found tremendous value in having a business partner. It has to the RIGHT business partner. What value can the right business partner bring? TRUST Lifelong built trust, If my partner tells me something i never second guess whether its the truth. It goes both ways, when i got him to...
  4. O

    How do I structure a partnership with someone who brought a deal to the table but I'm doing all the leg work?

    Hi, I have a business partner in who has brought a deal to the table, unrelated to our current partnership. This deal is basically us taking over part of the business because the current owner of this contract does not want to do this anymore because it’s not a part of their core business. So...
  5. D

    How to deal with non-contributing business partner?

    I am having a real problem right now. My business partner and I are developing a SaaS product. We do not have customers yet. Though, our actual product is almost finished, we have approximately 85% of the functionality implemented. With my work ethics, I am confident we could finish by Oktober...
  6. Shroomdoctor

    Searching for German Co-Owner for Business/Marketing side of Mobile App

    Hello there! I am currently developing a mobile app for a niche that I feel like hasn't been properly filled yet. I am however, not knowlegable enough for the business/marketing/copy part of things. I am searching for someone in Germany who would be interested in joining me in this project and...
  7. eGrizzly

    Business Partner Services

    Do any of y'all know if their are any services that facilitate business partnerships between two or more individuals. For instance, if two people want to split the cost of a mortgage (or Car) payment where Partner A pays $500 and Partner B pays $500 they would be paying into that service as...
  8. S

    We are animation studio from India

    Hello Everyone, We are animation studio from India. We have completed 4 years in animation industries. Our area of work is 2D animation , 3D animation, Education video , TVC, Infogrpahics Video, Explainer video , product animation , whiteboard animation, Corporate videos., audio visuals...