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  1. D

    How to deal with non-contributing business partner?

    I am having a real problem right now. My business partner and I are developing a SaaS product. We do not have customers yet. Though, our actual product is almost finished, we have approximately 85% of the functionality implemented. With my work ethics, I am confident we could finish by Oktober...
  2. eGrizzly

    Business Partner Services

    Do any of y'all know if their are any services that facilitate business partnerships between two or more individuals. For instance, if two people want to split the cost of a mortgage (or Car) payment where Partner A pays $500 and Partner B pays $500 they would be paying into that service as...
  3. S

    MEETUPS We are animation studio from India

    Hello Everyone, We are animation studio from India. We have completed 4 years in animation industries. Our area of work is 2D animation , 3D animation, Education video , TVC, Infogrpahics Video, Explainer video , product animation , whiteboard animation, Corporate videos., audio visuals...

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