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  1. ChrisV

    Mike Rowe for PragerU: DON'T Follow Your Passion (great video)

  2. ApeRunner

    RANT Blueprint to turn you PASSION into a Business !!

    Follow the exact STEP BY STEP guide with #1 millennial guru Brian Rose. Is your passion Music? How about Fashion, Workouts or World Travel? The world wants to pay to see YOU enjoy life. Isn't that fair? Steve Jobs said it: "Do what you love". If you already love it, it's gonna be EASY...
  3. Spicymemer45

    RANT I am a scared little Sh!%

    I am afraid of failing Which is ironic because I've already failed an innumerable amount of times. Fear that blocks me from what I want is a wall I've been breaking down in my life for the past three or four years, it's a constant battle. And I've made a lot of ground. BUT When...
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