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  1. million$$$smile

    “A pall has been cast on retail,”

    Interesting read on Bloomberg: America’s ‘Retail Apocalypse’ Is Really Just Beginning 1st quarter of 2018 could be death to some major players in retail. The ripple effect after the holidays could reach far and wide. Get ready for some belt-tightening.
  2. curran

    RANT feels like I'm getting screwed

    Its been two years since I spent any time on this forum. But my drive started here, my motivation came from all the great success I read on here, but now I feel like iv no direction and I'm losing motivation as a result. I left my job back in 2014, with €2500 paycheck in the bank, big dreams...
  3. G-Man

    HOT TOPIC Physical Products can be NECSTY

    So, it seems like many, if not most of the folks on the forum are in some kind of “online” work. I don’t see too many people that are selling a physical branded product into boring B&M stores, and none so far in food products. I love physical products, so I thought I’d share some thoughts about...
  4. million$$$smile

    OFF-TOPIC Sears & Macys closing stores....

    So I stopped by a shopping mall on Monday, Jan 2nd. Something I NEVER do as I think that malls are for consumers and not for producers, but my interest was piqued due to the fact of so many cars in the parking lot. I ambled through a half dozen stores and noticed a few that seemed to command...
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