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black friday

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  1. M

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday Master Thread: What you selling? Buying? Promoting?

    Let's hear it! What are your plans for Black Friday as a BUSINESS OWNER? How about as a CONSUMER? Any deal to hot to pass up? Any Black Friday / Cyber Monday related post is acceptable. You can even be a little promotional here if you want to post your Black Friday offer.
  2. Lex DeVille

    HOT TOPIC Black Friday 2019 - What Did You Buy Today That Will Pay You Back Tomorrow?

    Curious to see what deals ya'll got. Don't think I grabbed any Black Friday deals. But I got an education copy of iZotope RX7 Standard for $199 (50% off for being a college student) and a copy of Reaper DAW at full price for audiobook editing and production. That's something I plan to put more...
  3. M

    HOT TOPIC 2019's Black Friday Discussion... What Are You Up To?

    Some questions as 2019's Black Friday approaches... How are you preparing? Are you having any specials? How was your Black Friday weekend, including cyber Monday? Any special insights compared to prior years? Let's hear it!
  4. ApparentHorizon

    OFF-TOPIC What Tech Are You Eyeing This Black Friday / Cyber Monday?

    What tech is everyone eyeing this Friday and Monday? (Feel free to post non tech stuff too) Protip: Amazon price tracker, Amazon price history charts, price watches, and price drop alerts. (price history) Honey (coupons) This SSD is looking good right now. Great for laptops...
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