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  1. Eric SDA

    EXECUTION Should you persevere when you don't believe in your business?

    Hi all, I'm going through a mentally challenging time and looking for advice and guidance from more experienced people. In Aug 2020 I launched my first business, a health supplement company selling vegan, organic products and right now it's breaking even on a monthly basis. The issue is even...
  2. BusinessLawyer

    You want to KNOW what a REAL FTE looks like? (FTE)

    Today I had one of the WORST DAYS in my life. I stood up around 06.00 AM and worked from 07.30 AM till 03.00 PM. Around this time alot happend. I'm working in Retail, so customer-contact is direct - 100 % face-to-face. An old Lady came in and told me she will pay X € for here Drinks. I said...
  3. fastlaner_1992

    How to start your fastlane journey if you are disconnected to the idea of it?

    Hey guys, great to be here, I will keep this concise. I was introduced to personal development just over 5 years ago. I found MJ's (TMF) book and it is hands down the best I have ever read. I am at a point now where my desire to become rich is still strong, but my desire to execute and do...

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