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  1. diegorueda

    INTRO A Millionaire in Process from Spain

    Oops! I forgot to introduce myself. But it's never late! Since I was 3, every time my mom asked me “what do you want to be when you grow up?” my answer was the same. Astronaut? Soccer player? Fireman? Nop. “I will be a Millionaire!” Well... 30 years has passed. Still not a millionaire. Maybe...
  2. hatzil

    MEETUPS spontaneous meetup in Barcelona

    I am visiting Barcelona between 6.4 - 10.4 I am arranging a small group of fastlaners to meet, share value and have fun. If you're available for a cup of coffee, simply leave a message here. I will contact you back with more details as to when, where and who will attend. shortly about me: I...

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