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  1. Scot

    HOT TOPIC Is Fastlane Forum your action fake?

    If anyone noticed, I've hardly logged into the forum over the past week. I began to think about something. Is the Fastlane Forum my action fake? I scroll through the posting page, I comment, give value, learn and digest information. I've commented hundreds of times, helped others and...
  2. million$$$smile

    NOTABLE! Lessons from a Kamikaze Entrepreneur...

    Years ago I had a roommate that I regarded highly. This guy was one of the smartest guys I'd ever met. He was in sales and could talk his way around and through any subject. Because he was a couple of years older than I and looked the part of success I thought highly of him. He always had a...
  3. J

    GOLD! How many action fakes can the fastlane come up with??

    First one - "lets make a pitch deck"

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