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  1. BalmyCandy7

    4-Hour Work Week - Worth Reading?

    I've heard good things about the book, but MJ disses it a couple times in Fastlane. Are there good things to be taken away from it? Or is it all just counterproductive?
  2. ChrisV

    Why does 4 Hour Workweek get no love around here

    Not that it was my favorite book ever, but the message is totally in line with Fastlane thinking. I notice no one talks about it. No one recommends it. But it’s almost exactly the same message as TMF. It’s all about building a self-sustaining business that lives and breathes on it’s own with...
  3. 5holiday

    My Experiment with the 4HWW Muse: It kinda worked? Not really.

    Hi guys, I realise tim's muse idea comes up here every now and then. I thought I'd post about my experience trying to make one. Funnily enough, I had similar experience trying to make a non-muse ecommerce store. I have an overview of that experience here. Interestingly the problems that arose...
  4. Robert Francis

    The 4 Hour Work Week Vs. Millionaire Fastlane

    Preface: As part of this post, I was dying to include the video of Donny Deutsch (MSNBC, "The Big Idea") interviewing Tim Ferriss. I'm not sure if I saw it live on television or on the web, but if anyone can find it and post it, I'd really appreciate it; it's kind of hilarious how Deutsch...

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