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  1. S


    Hi, I am 16 and just started working at Walmart. I was looking at the benefits and I saw that they double what you put into your 401k. I would put 5% into my paycheck so it would be about 20-25$ a week and then Walmart would double it. I checked with the manager it is allowed for a minor to do...
  2. ADR

    Looking for IRA 401K rollover insight

    Does anyone (or know anyone) that rollovers IRA / 401K funds for a retirement / financial services company?
  3. ADR

    401K Rollover process took 24 days... big opportunity.

    Earlier this year I began the rollover of funds process to my new employers plan. Both of the investment companies processes were outdated and slow. All the documents were sent over on the same or next day from my side. I don't have much insight on this industry but my assumption is that there...
  4. Salama2017

    Should I cash out some of my 401k?

    The company that I work for is allowing employees to take out loans on their 401k accounts due to C0VlD-19. The money doesn't have to be paid back. However, the money will also be taxed heavily. For instance, my plan is to withdraw $15k which will end up being around $13,300 after state and...
  5. SeanP

    Anyone accessed the Rollover for Business Startups (ROBS) funding approach?

    I am considering accessing the ROBS (roll over for business startups) program to roll my 401k into a 401k plan under my start-up without deduction or penalty where the funds are exchanged for common stock held by the 401k. Those funds can then be used to finance operating expenses for my company...
  6. TKDTyler

    Do you work for your 401k or does your 401k work for you?

    *Disclaimer: I am not in any way shape or form a license tax professional. I am in no way advocating dodging tax laws – this serves as an informatory post and use of the information should be consulted between you and your own tax professional* Traditionally, 401k’s have been a slowlaner’s way...
  7. LauraMorenoCa

    Should I stop my 401k?

    Hi there, At the moment I work at a company full time and 10% of my salary goes into a 401k. My plan is to start my own company soon but in the meantime, should I stop my 401k? I am a little bit confused! Thanks so much!