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  1. Wiezel

    INTRO I'm a new 17 year old entrepreneur who needs advice

    You're are not an entrepreneur if you're wondering how to get started. Start by reading all GOLD topics on this forum, good luck.
  2. Wiezel

    EXECUTION [MEGA THREAD] How To Build A Successful E-commerce Brand During A Global Pandemic. Step By Step Guide...

    So for my understanding, you let the product be manufactered in China --> Ship it to garage/warehouse/3LP in your own country (or nearby) --> they customize packaging (branding your own store) and they sent out the product to the customer when it's sold on your website. How do you make a...
  3. Wiezel

    MARKETPLACE Fox Web School "Legend" Group Coaching Program 2021

    Great topic and overview and did sent my application a week ago, can't wait to get started @Fox !
  4. Wiezel

    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow Rich
  5. Wiezel

    INTRO Am I too old for the Fastlane?

    You are only too old if you think you are too old. It's just a number man. Get your stuff going and you'll find out along the way.
  6. Wiezel

    Contacting the 'opponent' in a small business world [HELP]

    Currently I'm working as an employee in the Aviation industry. My ambition is to discover and solve problems and creating my own business based on that. Therefore I'm reaching out to managers/directors and CEO of Aviation related businesses. Since I'm living in a quite small country (The...
  7. Wiezel

    I'm feeling chased but not knowing how to deal with it

    My name is Lars and I turned 25 a few weeks back. During these strange times I never felt more insecure about how 'unsafe' having a job is. I work in aviation and almost half of work is gone, all passenger flights are cancelled. My contract is ending in September and I'm not sure if it will get...
  8. Wiezel

    NOTABLE! How I made $4,000 in 3 months By Executing HARD

    Insane post, so motivating. Had my camera (Nikon D3300) in the bag for aaaaages. Though I knew I enjoy recording and editing. Contacted artists/musicians today, 2 returned already they're interested. Time to learn how to properly edit and how to shoot music/promotional videos :).
  9. Wiezel

    Still Struggling to Get Started? See Nothing but Bare Walls? Don't have a Single Idea?

    Just created my own topic about needing ideas, then this shows up. Thank you.
  10. Wiezel

    OFF-TOPIC Should billionaires be taxed out of existence?

    You can't tax the rich, they have passive income. It won't hurt them. Easy for 'poor' people to complain about the rich, the "lucky" rich.
  11. Wiezel

    Not having deep interest in niches, how to proceed? [starting entrepreneur]

    I've been inactive for a few months on here since the entrepreneur mindset was frustrating me (basically me being ignorant and looking for quick money). Now I've been starting to read books again, most of them focussed on mindset and also living on myself now, no more parents telling me what to...
  12. Wiezel

    Forum Feature Suggestion: Save Thread To Favourites

    It's already possible. It's an insider function.
  13. Wiezel

    Which option is better?

    Pick one and don't look back, you will never know the alternative.
  14. Wiezel

    INTRO Hello from Belgium

    As first you don't have start CENTS right away, as mentioned on many other posts on this forum the must have is a need (ceNts). Start networking, get experience and you'll find more problems in your niche you've never tought of. From there you can start creating a CENTS business...

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