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  1. Veloce Grey

    Jay Abraham - Try This Incredible Mindset Shift!

    It's been a while since I listened but from memory 93 Referral Systems was one of his weakest audios and just basically a listing of some things that he'd done without much analysis or depth. Unless of course they've updated or changed it-you'll notice he has so many actual products over the...
  2. Veloce Grey

    HOT TOPIC Fortnite/Minecraft Thoughts

    Andy's Old Person Fortnite Server-for those of us who've had enough of getting killed by kids whose reaction times haven't withered horribly with age and lifestyle choices...
  3. Veloce Grey

    HOT TOPIC Fortnite/Minecraft Thoughts

    I've been playing quite a bit with the lockdown in NZ, more as a social network than gaming as such. Generally grouped up with nephews in evenings to discuss things and the game sort of happens in the background. I often couldn't remember where we placed most games. If we have three people...
  4. Veloce Grey

    HOT TOPIC Anyone Own Racehorses?

    I just checked out the video of his 2nd two starts ago-that thing alongside him looked like an elephant by comparison! I should note the slowest horse our family ever owned was the biggest of them all. I remember hearing the trainer say he may take some more time to develop, well he got bigger...
  5. Veloce Grey

    HOT TOPIC Anyone Own Racehorses?

    Thanks for the update-I'll keep an eye out for the race as we have even more US racing on tv here than usual with New Zealand racing shut down for three months due to COVID. UK has taken a break too, Singapore tried to keep going but now they've had to stop. Luckily Australia has managed to...
  6. Veloce Grey

    Are UV and Sanitation Products the Next Business Boom

    I've been looking for a decent UV Sanitiser for a few days now but couldn't find anything suitable in stock in New Zealand. Especially looking for something for keyboards/phones. Must be huge demand for them right now.
  7. Veloce Grey

    HOT TOPIC The Worldwide Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Discussion Thread...

    New Zealand's entry in the Idiocracy Sweepstakes- --------- Hundreds of green-costumed University of Otago students celebrated St Patrick's Day yesterday despite requests to limit large parties in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak. It comes after the university urged students not to gather in...
  8. Veloce Grey

    OFF-TOPIC PSA: Don't pursue sports betting as a means of generating income

    Correct, and they often have extensive teams of professional analysts on payroll and/or information contractors available to supplement the data as needed. Anyone in it purely to make money better be able to compete on that level or find a niche too small for such competitors to bother with...
  9. Veloce Grey

    HOT TOPIC My Personal Warning Alarm On Coronavirus - 1 MILLION+ Deaths

    Here in NZ it's gone to (at least) 4 cases, Australia is at 60+, despite the fact it's a week past summer and still warm. How that plays out short term should provide a decent idea as to how the warmer weather will affect it in a comparable country like the US. The fact people are still...
  10. Veloce Grey

    8 Real Estate Communities Sold Out, 6 In Process - Here's What I've Learned

    Just got back from the golf course, played terribly. I use Internet Explorer though, can't quite get used to that fancy new Edge business.
  11. Veloce Grey

    OFF-TOPIC Does MJ have an Instagram?

    Personally I dream of one day seeing your secret, extensive, highly fashionable tie collection.
  12. Veloce Grey

    HOT TOPIC Have Smartphones Destroyed Humanity?

    That is one vicious looking beach to be leaving kids that young unattended on, but given phone addicts are basically the new drug addicts it adds up.
  13. Veloce Grey

    Deep Analysis Of Instagram (you will delete it after reading this... hopefully)

    I find it not all bad. I mean whenever someone asks me if I'm on Instagram, since my usual name is "Grum", I tell them with wide eyed sincerity that I instead started my own app called "Instagrum" where the only photos posted are all of me. I should probably have added "it's because I find...
  14. Veloce Grey

    HOT TOPIC What business would you start if you had a ranch?

    Is anyone else just very interested about the whole "my neighbors like to blow things up" angle here? What are they running a real life Fortnite experiences camp for kids? Honestly if I went outside and saw my neighbors wheeling a cannon along the road or something I'd actually be impressed.
  15. Veloce Grey

    How to turn $1 into $70 in under 5 minutes

    It's even more impressive because that thing is so creepy to look at. It looks like what you'd send to someone you had a vendetta against......"hey just wanted to send you this monkey, enjoy the nightmares"

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