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  1. ultrasounder

    RANT LOL check out the sponsored books next to MJ's

    Amen to Dane! He walks the walk !
  2. ultrasounder

    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    Reading Dane Maxwell. There is something about the way he writes. Apart from TMFL and Unscripted the only other Book that makes any impact at this point in my life is Start from Zero. Some of those stories are really inspiring especially that Guy Carl who slaved away at Tesla of all places and...
  3. ultrasounder

    Need Help in Sourcing custom plastic parts from China

    Hello Folks, I am currently working on a hardware product Concept that requires me to customize a generic kitchen appliance to fit the needs of my requirements. Though I have a hardware background ( electrical engineering) I have never personally worked on sourcing anything directly from China...
  4. ultrasounder

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I just finished the book! Mind bending experience. Now working on my business system to find my money system
  5. ultrasounder

    E-Commerce Business Owners Request For Opinion

    Hello TUNEF Entrepreneurs, Congratulations on striking it out , breaking the shackles of servitude and adding Value to Your customer's lives. If Your e-commerce site runs on Wordpress/Shopify/woocommerce/ Bigcommerce/Magento/Squarespace/Wix , I have a quick question to ask in order to...
  6. ultrasounder

    INTRO A compulsive slow laner for life getting into the fastlane(HOV lane)

    Hi Everyone, I am a 42 year old Electrical Engineer who has been slammed around like a ping pong ball from one job to another, one company to another and tired of playing the corporate whackamole. Things have come to a head in my recent job where I had to take a pay cut and work with inept...
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