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  1. Tomipiccoli99

    How to quit video games

    Maybe creating new habits like physical activity or reading will help you get out of your gamer zone and focus on your business. go little by little and the process won't be so overwhelming
  2. Tomipiccoli99

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I have read TMF a second time, and have noticed that I have a different understanding and perspective than the first time. This book was a mental and physical push to get out of mental masturbation and take action in the venture that I am setting up. @MJ DeMarco , will there be a Spanish...
  3. Tomipiccoli99


    Hi everyone Reading an article in an Italian newspaper, he said that there is a shortage of supplies referring to the venturi valves (elemental and vital medical equipment to mechanically assist patients with more complications and acute respiratory failure). These prostheses are made with 3D...
  4. Tomipiccoli99

    HOT TOPIC The Worldwide C0VlD-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Discussion Thread...

    In Argentina there are more people arrested for not complying with the quarantine than infected people, although in two weeks an exponential growth in the curve is expected Ps: It is no longer profitable to resell gel alcohol.
  5. Tomipiccoli99

    Personal finances to start..?

    I was recently on my computer looking for web design courses and I see a lot of personal finance ads which led me to research each of them and the tools they offer This are my questions: Are they a good basis before starting a business? How many members here have done any? It would be great if...
  6. Tomipiccoli99

    INTRO I wanna go fast..

    Investments are a complement to expand your means, have new sources of income and for your personal finances in my case, I do not think it is the vehicle for the fastlane
  7. Tomipiccoli99

    INTRO I wanna go fast..

    Thanks man! I agree with you. My plans to go to another country are still active but I also look for unresolved needs within my country, I just gave a general summary of the situation. Good luck you too!
  8. Tomipiccoli99

    INTRO I wanna go fast..

    Hi man, thanks! The business climate is very complex, the economy has not grown for more than a decade, which is why the country in terms of investments is unfeasible, in addition to having the highest tax rate, so undertaking it here is very difficult from my point of view
  9. Tomipiccoli99

    INTRO I wanna go fast..

    Hello everyone, my name is Tomás, I am 20 years old and I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am here in the forum thanks to the fact that I stumbled upon the TMF book by MJ Demarco hidden on the shelf of the best bookstore in my city, it only took me 5 pages to buy it immediately. When I...
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