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    HOT TOPIC Learning to Fly

    Congrats @Fox! If you're ever in the Washington DC area I'm happy to fly you around like I did @LightHouse . One thing that I've found helpful is reading the accident reports and "I learned from that" sections in flying magazines and newsletters. You end up picking up a lot of tips, things to...
  2. throttleforward

    WEB SCHOOL How many of you guys are also working on lead generation / digital assets?

    The School of Real Life! Just get out there and start making mistakes. Come back here with specific challenges and the group will help you out. The strategy is simple - get in front of customers before companies do, collect the information that is valuable to the other side of your market...
  3. throttleforward

    HOT TOPIC SEO for beginners

    Like when a reporter writes an article about you and links your website in their article, or a TV station does a spot on you, etc.
  4. throttleforward

    HOT TOPIC SEO for beginners

    FWIW, I had great SEO success through earned media - that is, getting legitimate media coverage for my startup, thus earning quality backlinks. That, coupled with key words both on my site and in the articles linking back to my site, were very powerful in launching me to the top of SERPs. Don't...
  5. throttleforward

    WEB SCHOOL How many of you guys are also working on lead generation / digital assets?

    I have some experience with a previous attempt. I recommend reading MJ's first book, anything by Andy Black, and this thread as good starters: GOLD! - [Progress] Building a SaaS To Boost Website Leads | Page 5 | The Fastlane Entrepreneur Forum (
  6. throttleforward

    WEB SCHOOL How many of you guys are also working on lead generation / digital assets?

    I'm in the early stages of building a lead gen/2 sided market
  7. throttleforward

    O/T: HEALTH Is Calorie Counting model really flawed?

    This morning I officially hit over 50 lbs of weight loss over the last year. The only thing I did was intermittent fast and count calories.
  8. throttleforward

    Knowing when to keep pushing vs knowing when to stop

    Unfortunately I think the answer is "it depends." Both the entrepreneur graveyard and the NASDAQ are filled with ideas that "would never work." For me, each time I stopped it was for a different reason. One I stopped because I realized I knew nothing about ecommerce and was wasting what little...
  9. throttleforward

    Buying "As Seen On Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS" Logos

    A local Fox affiliate did a 7 minute segment on his donations. The key is to do something unique or memorable. 10% of profits won't cut it, but if you can come up with something "eyecatching" you can definitely get press out of it.
  10. throttleforward

    Buying "As Seen On Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS" Logos

    To add on what I said before, you can pick up legitimate press (and thus great backlinks) by doing interesting things. For instance, there are moving companies that offer to move victims of domestic violence for free in the middle of the night. It's very cheap, generates headlines, builds good...
  11. throttleforward

    INTRO Depressed by wasted time with 0 accomplishment

    This is one of the best posts on this forum.
  12. throttleforward

    Buying "As Seen On Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS" Logos

    The day I got legitimate national press/backlinks was the day I ranked #1 on Google for literally all of my keywords for years. Do that method.
  13. throttleforward

    NOTABLE! Selling products to the military.

    I've worked directly for the person in charge of acquisition as well as defense exports for the US Army. If the OP or anyone else needs a contact or advice in how to navigate US DoD acquisition or exporting defense articles from the US abroad feel free to reach out.
  14. throttleforward

    INTRO "I'm pregnant"

    Welcome! This is a place that a lot of us get stuck in. I recommend coming back here when you're struggling to push the go button and posting about it - the advice you get here might give you the nudge or confidence you need to start putting yourself out there and executing.
  15. throttleforward

    45: Average Age of Successful Founder

    All surveys of these types have their limitations. I was simply trying to give hope to people who look around a place like this and go "if I don't make it by 30, I'll never make it." In my opinion, there is a sub-demographic of people here who are past 30, married, have kids, mortgages, student...
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