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  1. themarkboogie

    How to read book fast?

    Protip: Pair your left airpod to play one book and your right airpod to play another simultaneously. On a serious note: Listen to your books while cooking, showering, driving, or resting. This "stolen" time really adds up to a significant amount of time.
  2. themarkboogie

    New To Blogging Some Advice

    Hi Sean. Welcome to the forum. Ahrefs has a great free lesson on blogging for business. I'd recommend checking it out.
  3. themarkboogie

    EXECUTION Journey to top 20% as a solopreneur

    How's Quora and Twitter working out for you? Seeing any results from these actions?
  4. themarkboogie

    INTRO The man who know nothing

    Here's the most impactful thing I've ever learned. A good place to start. The Strangest Secret: View:
  5. themarkboogie

    INTRO Sticking feathers in your butt does not make you a chicken

    Hey Ram - welcome. Your situation is tough but the more you dig into the forum the more you'll realize there are many people just like you. Or that were in similar situations in the past. I wasted 10 years (5 in college, 5 professionally) in the rat race and I just barely broke free from my...
  6. themarkboogie


    This is awesome and so painfully true. I can relate 100%. Honestly, it seems like I'm most down on myself *after* big wins which is something I've noticed recently and will need to take some time to investigate further. Constantly striving for greatness is admirable, but not at the cost of your...
  7. themarkboogie

    WEB SCHOOL Having trouble getting any return on cold email outreach

    My guess: the reason you aren't receiving responses is that your emails are too generic. It's incredibly hard to get anyone to respond to mass emails. You received 2 responses from personalized emails. That's a good start. It's unfortunate they didn't want your services but you got some...
  8. themarkboogie

    WEB SCHOOL Having trouble getting any return on cold email outreach

    Hey man - you mind sharing your process? What does your email look like? What's your CTA? Are you sending individualized emails or mass emails? Are you using an email tracking application to view open/bounce rates? Have you checked your email spam score? The issue is that business owners are...
  9. themarkboogie

    MARKETPLACE Walter Hay's Business Books

    Made it through Proven Global Sourcing and hoping to check out Labels That Exploit soon. As I'm still very early in my sourcing journey, I can't comment much on its impact on my business, but I can say this book is extensive. In my eyes, you're pretty much paying $100 to get up to speed on...
  10. themarkboogie

    MARKETPLACE NEW: The Best School for Going Fastlane (Now open for summer enrollment)

    100%. I've said this before, but the community within FWS alone is worth the price of admission. Just an incredible community of professionals with a willingness to help one another succeed. Even if owning a web design agency isn't your end goal, I'd still recommend this group 10/10 times...
  11. themarkboogie

    Hey Walter - Does your Proven Global Sourcing book come with the $29/mo option on PAC? EDIT...

    Hey Walter - Does your Proven Global Sourcing book come with the $29/mo option on PAC? EDIT: Ended up picking up your book on your website, but it looks like it's the 2019 version. Can you please send me an updated copy? Cheers
  12. themarkboogie

    EXECUTION E-Commerce Brand Kick-Started By The Pandemic

    Absolutely captivating story. Thank you for sharing. Hope you're enjoying some of that well-deserved F U money.
  13. themarkboogie

    EXECUTION How was your 2020? What will your 2021 look like?

    2020 was a hell of a ride for me with extremes on both ends of the spectrum. Fortunately, and unfortunately, lost my 9-5 in April which worked out for my quest to entrepreneurship. Spent April- September working through some mental health issues and taking a step back to figure out where I'm...
  14. themarkboogie

    MARKETPLACE Fox Web School "Legend" Group Coaching Program 2021

    Applied directly through the website @Fox, couldn't be more excited to hear back.
  15. themarkboogie

    INTRO Hi

    That passion for the financial markets and trading/investing will be useful whether that's your path TO the fastlane or a tool used ALONG WITH a fastlane business. What I mean by that, as described in TFM, it's very hard to get into the fastlane using investments/trading because your $$$ impact...
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