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    Interesting, so a need for these people is what I need to fulfill in order to enter the Fastlane. Maybe also want as well. Great! I'll look into it and research to see what I can provide for them! Thank you for the insight on the industry as of right now!
  2. TenochMedina7662


    Thanks for the feedback brother! It sucks to hear that it's not really a fastlane option. Perhaps I should look into something similar yet not the same? Any suggestions?
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    Hey guys! I will be doing weekly posts now to get myself more active with this valuable forum. I wanted to ask a question to all of the restauranteurs in this forum about their journey to an unscripted lifestyle. What were you're biggest obstacles and what is something that you would tell an...
  4. TenochMedina7662

    INTRO 19 year old ready to kick a$$ and fail

    Hey guys! I just joined the forum yesterday and am looking forward to habitually stopping by to help develop my mindset and reinforce the beliefs that will push me deeper into entrepreneurship! A little background; my family is a group of immigrants who have been capable of developing an above...
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    GOLD! Its been one year of FLF for me. This forum will change your life and Ill prove it.

    I find this truly inspiring brother! I'm currently 19 myself and have been working hard on developing habits that will maximize my energy. I sleep near the same time every night (30-minute window), I read at least 4-6 pages a day, I write goals down though I tend to struggle with consistency and...
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