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    EXECUTION Progress Thread: SuccessInMind's invention

    Update: Haven't been here for awhile because I've been so busy working on this idea for almost a year now. Long story short: Have an experienced business partner who has been in the industry for 12 years. We're 50-50 in this with my business partner taking care of product development and...
  2. SuccessInMind

    EXECUTION Progress Thread: SuccessInMind's invention

    I think my idea solves a problem that no one has solved effectively yet and can be manufactured and mass-produced with existing technology that many companies in the industry are already in possession of. And my product can also benefit a wide variety of companies in the industry, from the ones...
  3. SuccessInMind

    EXECUTION Progress Thread: SuccessInMind's invention

    UPDATE: Slowed down my roll this past month with my invention because I've been educating myself with Stephen Key's One Simple Idea. This book is teaching me a lot about how to go forward with my idea and I'm really thankful to the people in this forum for talking about it, otherwise I would...
  4. SuccessInMind

    EXECUTION Progress Thread: SuccessInMind's invention

    Wasn't even thinking it! Just glad that there's only 3 more days left and I can move on with my life and my invention! Thanks Sky! I'm just enjoying the entire process so far and I also CAN'T WAIT to test the market and get some juicy feedback, good or bad.
  5. SuccessInMind

    EXECUTION Progress Thread: SuccessInMind's invention

    Hey Tom, Progress has been halted for now, just because I am finishing up my last quarter of school. Finals are this week so I will be going full steam ahead next week once I'm finished. Currently working on getting a prototype made hopefully in three weeks. Thanks for following my progress...
  6. SuccessInMind

    How Bad Do You Want Success? I watch this video every morning before I hit the gym. It gets me focused so that every day, I am spending most of my time doing activities that get me closer to my goals whether it's fitness, finances, etc. Wanted to share for those who are looking...
  7. SuccessInMind

    EXECUTION Progress Thread: SuccessInMind's invention

    Ca$hvertising is a very good and easy read. I learned a lot. Highly recommended!
  8. SuccessInMind

    Hi. My name is Tom and I'm about to graduate college

    I'm in college right now, graduating in December. I think one thing to keep in mind is that the peer pressure you are experience is completely normal. A lot of my friends graduated with Accounting and Finance degrees and the big thing for them is to work/intern for a Big Four accounting firm...
  9. SuccessInMind

    OFF-TOPIC Looking for some movie reccomendations

    The Bank is a good movie. It's about a mathematician who creates a program that can predict the stock market and the company that tries to use it for their own plans. Had to watch it for one of my business ethics classes and really enjoyed it.
  10. SuccessInMind

    EXECUTION Progress Thread: SuccessInMind's invention

    UPDATE: My team and I have found someone who is willing to create our first prototype so that we can start testing it out and getting feedback. So right now we're focusing a lot on improving our designs that we have right now so we have a better idea of the different directions we can take...
  11. SuccessInMind

    OFF-TOPIC Any fight (UFC, boxing) fans? Great weekend coming up

    I'm a huge fan of both MMA and boxing! I'm definitely tuning in to both fights. As for Pacquiao vs Marquez 3, I'm rooting for Pacquiao, but other than the rivalry between the two I don't see anything really interesting about this fight. Pacquiao will definitely win. Marquez is a GREAT...
  12. SuccessInMind

    HOT TOPIC Is There Room for Diversity in Silicon Valley?

    On the contrary, I think this thread is fine. It opens up a discussion space where we can talk about race from a business/entrepreneurship stand point and it starts from seeing where people stand in regards to that. Already, we're seeing some who do not think race has anything to do with...
  13. SuccessInMind

    David vs. Goliath?

    If it's a solid product that people need and you are willing to put in the time, energy, and resources to make sure that your customers are satisfied, I say go all in. Try selling it to people around you first to build a reputation and grow your business and aim to secure contracts with major...
  14. SuccessInMind

    HOT TOPIC Is There Room for Diversity in Silicon Valley?

    There is a glass ceiling for different minorities in different fields and arenas of business. As a business student/entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley, I can vouch that race/ethnicity does play a role in business. For example, South Asians (Indians, Pakistanis, etc.) face a glass ceiling when...

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