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  1. strobe

    Advise on tour operator business. (market strongly hit by covid)

    Where did you get the 100k figure to develop what is it a website? Do you have an example or comparison website or app about what exactly it is you want to achieve?
  2. strobe

    Now is your chance to tell me how much I suck at copywriting

    Is it only for people who are experts in knowing Chess players? It immediately starts throwing out names of people I have never heard of so somebody like me, although I enjoy the occasional chess game would have no idea what you are even talking about
  3. strobe

    EXECUTION My Web Design Business Progress Thread

    One thing I might like to add about discipline is that some people are planners and some people just wing it and there is no point in trying to become a planner if that is not you naturally, and no point winging it if you are a planner. Just know your goal and make and create the time and stick...
  4. strobe

    Y I'm feeling stuck

    I would first look at your expenses. 20K USD a month sounds like a lot, what is that mostly on? Is there anything you can do to lower that? This is where I would first look, even if you could lower your expenses by 25% that is an extra $5000 a month you could spend on a business. How are you...
  5. strobe

    NOTABLE! What Are The Worst Mistakes You've Done In Your Entrepreneurial Journey?

    I would say the biggest mistakes are not doubling down on whats working for you, if it is working well do not stop it. The other would be to not lose momentum and venture away from entrepreneurship, it is like going to the gym and being fit and healthy, you need to stay consistent every day...
  6. strobe

    HOT TOPIC What laptop should a starting online entrepreneur buy?

    Any macbook from about 2014 onwards. 13 inch for portability. I tried to go from a mac to a dell and lenovo and they were terrible laptops. Macbook air, pro or macbook. 12 or 13 inch with SSD, atleast 8gb ram.
  7. strobe

    How $40k/year is NOTHING, you need a hustle!

    It is a common theme and pretty standard conditions most millennials live in these days. Gregs life is the first quarter of both of MJs books, we should all know the answers by now if you have read them.
  8. strobe

    Friend keeps bringing up my failures

    One of my favourite quotes is "Protect me from my friends, I can take care of my enemies".... If this resonates with you then you'll take that advice accordingly.
  9. strobe

    OFF-TOPIC Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather

    In recent news Paulie Malignaggi (2 weight boxing champ) went around talking rubbish earlier in the year saying the camera man could outbox Mcgregor. Mcgregor flew him into his camp just over a week and they went 12 rounds sparring and then a few days later Paulie went out saying he got pushed...
  10. strobe


    Read it once on kindle and waiting for my hardcopy to arrive in the mail so I can read it again.
  11. strobe

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Read it 4 times, own the hardcopy and bought a hardcopy for my mum in New Zealand and shes slowly getting through it and loving it. It's like the blueprint for her to understand me.
  12. strobe

    OFF-TOPIC Anybody here a Freemason?

    I've always wondered exactly how this works, I have seen freemason symbols outside of hotels and large houses and stand alone buildings and wondering what actually goes on, google tells me they are plotting a new world order. Freemasons please tell us more. Your secret is safe on the internet.
  13. strobe

    EXECUTION From Zero to One! A 30 Day Challenge in E-commerce

    Just wondering why you chose to go with shopify instead of your bread and butter woocommerce that you said would have taken you no time to set up? That sounds like taking a step in the opposite direction...Giving control to shopify and learning a new platform.
  14. strobe


    ^^ Thanks for sharing those links, a lot of valuable information. Sounds like OP wants to do a shopify/clothing site by my guess. My friend spent about 20k buying clothes from alibaba. His results were, get custom clothing concept made and sent over (1 - 2 months to arrive), place larger...
  15. strobe

    HOT TOPIC Has anyone on this forum become a millionaire from reading TMF?

    I have read hundreds of books on self help. This is the only one I have kept and take it with my traveling. While I am nowhere near a millionaire I look forward to being a testimonial for him and his books when the time comes.

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