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Steven Williams
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  • Thanks for visiting my page! Are you looking for good advice on how to get started? I've owned and operated my own publishing company for 22 years and I have a lot of experience.

    Most people that give you advice on starting a business now a days haven't made money with an actual business they have just made money selling all of us information about how to start a business.

    My wife and I started with just $500 cash and we turned that into a multi million dollar debt free company that we still own and operate today. Ask yourself this question how many people do you know that have started a business and kept it for 20 or more years?

    You'll hear a lot about starting a business and selling it but that's what people do when they don't love what they do or they are afraid of the cash flow stopping.

    Don't fall for the get rich quick and illegal activities. You can make it if you get with the right people that will help guide you down the right path towards success!
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