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  1. SM Switi

    How do I learn how to talk?

    Exactly same as my problem thank you for bringing that out, I even started listening to communication podcasts lately, the issue is I never paid any attention to this topic until recently when it started affecting my life and the way I express myself to others or participate in common...
  2. SM Switi

    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    Power vs. Force by david hawkins
  3. SM Switi

    HOT TOPIC How to detect deceitful people

    How can you reinforce your ability to verify ?
  4. SM Switi

    HOT TOPIC How to detect deceitful people

    Hello everyone, So today we were at this startup event where the goal was to connect with like minded people and discuss general entrepreneurial problems. There was this old bold man all suited and he sounded 100% legitimate to me, we approached him and had a long talk about his ventures, so...
  5. SM Switi

    leaving 9-5 job

    Thank you for your insights @JAJT , I have thought about this and no am not intended to live on my business in the growth phase, am actually moving to live back with my parents to cut off any unnecessary expenses at this phase, also I have been saving to be able to cover my main needs for a year...
  6. SM Switi

    leaving 9-5 job

    Hello everyone This is just a general thoughts drop, it's that I feel sad and I hope someone here has been through this before, even though I think most of you haven't. I do hate my job, I hated it for the past 3 years, which led me to TMF and other books where I were searching for a way out...
  7. SM Switi

    EXECUTION Quit 9-5 Job plan

    Yes they are all in the same niche and in my field of expertise
  8. SM Switi

    EXECUTION Quit 9-5 Job plan

    Updates : First product updated to 70% created second product and its completion percentage is 20% *planned 3 more new products Week goal : Carry on ?!
  9. SM Switi

    EXECUTION Quit 9-5 Job plan

    It's something I've created, no not ecommerce nor wholesale
  10. SM Switi

    EXECUTION Quit 9-5 Job plan

    Goal: Quit my 9-5 job why? 1- because I can't live like a slave. 2- because my mother is getting older and I want to spend my time with her away from the city. 3- because life is more than spending it behind a desk in a 4*4 room with closed window view and ugly computer screen. 4- because I...
  11. SM Switi

    HOT TOPIC FREE Skype Call Mentoring

    Great talk with @458, thank you very very much for the advice
  12. SM Switi

    NOTABLE! A Fastlane Test - What is Your Locus Of Control?

    Internal Locus |||||||||||||||| 68% External Locus |||||||||| 32%
  13. SM Switi

    NOTABLE! Having trouble making small talk; I don't care about other people

    It's amazing to find people going thorough the same mental change that you go through and facing the same issues, really amazing! Thank you very much for bringing this up, also great responses and suggestions.
  14. SM Switi

    Free Copywriting Reviews - Click Here

    You're right, awesome! you got me concerned more than ever. I might reconsider the whole ad! The context is a website ad that teaches specific programming language so you can think of the header as something that goes like this : "Master [JavaScript for example] 7X Faster for Absolute...

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