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    Need Return Shipping Advice For Potential Ecommerce Business

    I looked it about .35 to $.40 cents off. I'm looking at Endicia for the shipping system going through USPS. Yes, in the U.S. is it about $2 dollars both way? For the return as well.
  2. Scuur

    Need Return Shipping Advice For Potential Ecommerce Business

    Hey everyone! Been awhile since I've last posted. I've been working on an idea on my head for the past couple of weeks, I've finally decided to put pen to paper. My issue has been finding concise information on return shipping fees. The idea will have a near 90% return rate. Think old school...
  3. Scuur

    Anyone From The West Living Or Working In Bali?

    @Tiago That would be amazing. Thank you so much. I'll pm you my email.
  4. Scuur

    Anyone From The West Living Or Working In Bali?

    Thanks for all the info really appreciate it! I think the thing most intriguing to me is the fact that you don't need an FU status to live there.
  5. Scuur

    Anyone From The West Living Or Working In Bali?

    I've spent my entire life in the same town. I have been interested in moving to several different places. I currently have had a 10-year long obsession with surfing part of the reason the Fastlane lifestyle is so attractive to me. Most of the places are super expensive obviously all relative but...
  6. Scuur

    What do you use for your project proposal?

    I signed up for Proposa. Would you say that has a good amount of flexibility?
  7. Scuur

    What do you use for your project proposal?

    Working on creating a nice cover sheet as we speak. Thanks for the advice!
  8. Scuur

    What do you use for your project proposal?

    I'm Working on my first big project proposal it's going to put 5 figures into my wallet. I'm nervous buts it's a good thing. I usually use word documents edit: PDF for my project proposals but for this project it doesn't seem professional enough. What do you guys and girls use for your project...
  9. Scuur

    INTRO I'm 20 Years Old and Trying to Find an Important Answer

    Code every single day. Go through this course. Learn to code with free online courses, programming projects, and interview preparation for developer jobs. From there you can start getting freelance jobs that pay well. Once you get to the point where your comfortable coding and have freelance...
  10. Scuur

    EXECUTION Terrified of cold calling!!!

    @Joe12345 I was pretty exhausted when I wrote that last night. I was able to Surf all day because of the Fastlane. I would highly recommend texting the info. Texts have a 99% open rate. Make sure that everything is mobile optimized though otherwise, you're shooting yourself in the foot. Doing...
  11. Scuur

    EXECUTION Terrified of cold calling!!!

    It looks like your doing great, Definitely be punctual about waking up early. That needs to be a habit. Also, make your bed every single day. You want to start with completing a couple simple task every morning. Here's my two sense on some cold calling techniques My new favorite tip is...
  12. Scuur

    OFF-TOPIC #DeleteFacebook

    I haven't had a FaceBook since 2015. I deleted Instagram about a year ago when they started changing how you viewed the latest post. Zucks is going to ruin Instagram, soon it will be #DeleteInsta.
  13. Scuur


    I just finished listening to unscripted. It took me almost six months. I only listened to it when I got stuck in ruts. I will listen to chapters again over the course of these coming weeks. Too much valuable information not to listen to at least a few more times. Thank You, Mack.
  14. Scuur

    INTRO Build a $1.2MM company at 18 y/o. AMA!

    Great Stuff Alex! Glad to see someone who is so successful at a young age. I have a couple of questions for you. This is a multi-part question. What were your thoughts on Logan Pauls controversial video? specifically, if he was your client how much influence do you have on damage control? How...
  15. Scuur

    NOTABLE! Has Moving to a Warm and Sunny Climate Made You Happier?

    I believe it would help moving from Cold to Warm. I've always thought if you have to ask others questions because you want to do something. I.e. move from somewhere cold, to warm than you probably should do it. For example, I have been wondering the exact same question. My main hobby is...
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