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  1. ryanpal

    GOLD! THIS is why you are STUCK.

    great post. i've been a little guilty of htis the past year. time to set things back on a new path :)
  2. ryanpal

    Where's all the discussions of Gold and Silver investing?

    interesting how one thing leads to another. reading up on PMs lead to further reading about preparing yourself if SHTF. any preppers on the board?
  3. ryanpal

    Where's all the discussions of Gold and Silver investing?

    i just finished mike maloney's audio book regarding PMs. it was educational and enjoyable. the problem i have is the publication was in 2008. who's to say that with all the hype going on, now is the time to start unloading?? a lot has happened with PM's and real estate since then...
  4. ryanpal

    HOT TOPIC Movies like Zeitgeist and The Secret?

    yes i did watch that when it came out...very good flick!
  5. ryanpal

    Where's all the discussions of Gold and Silver investing?

    i know someone doing exactly this. seems like a great business model, i just don't want to start another business until mines 100% automated.
  6. ryanpal

    Where's all the discussions of Gold and Silver investing?

    thank you Runum, it's amazing how fast time goes when you're laser focused on your business. i've made many changes in the past few years and all for the better. the joys of watching your business grow ;) in responses to the other posts. i'm brand new to this and just started my research...
  7. ryanpal

    Where's all the discussions of Gold and Silver investing?

    Hey Gang, It's been a long time since I've stopped by (keeping busy with growing business). I'm surprised there aren't more discussions of moving wealth into precious metals. Is anyone on the forum doing this?
  8. ryanpal

    create custom tshirts for you business online - sites?

    anyone have any recommendations of web sites that i can create custom tshirts online (both front and back)? i usually use vista print but they only have 3 colors.
  9. ryanpal

    In Vegas and Cali for the next week...anyone around?

    Hello Gang, I'll be in Vegas tomorrow (Weds) until Friday attending a conference. Then I'll in LA and San Diego until the 8th. Anyone else attending a conference or local to the area? Perhaps we could meet up for networking.
  10. ryanpal

    REAL ESTATE Private Money

    i'm sorry but that went right over my head. would your or anyone like to decipher?
  11. ryanpal

    REAL ESTATE Owner Financed Deals

    I think the challenge, especially here in NJ where seller financing isn't as common compared to other parts of the country, is to explain it to the sellers so they feel comfortable and understand the deal structure. It doesn't help that NJ foreclosure timeline is extending well beyond 2 years...
  12. ryanpal

    REAL ESTATE Utah Investors first 300 posts

    wow...nobody has a copy of this little gem?
  13. ryanpal

    REAL ESTATE Utah Investors first 300 posts

    Anyone have a copy on their computer they wouldn't mind sending me? I only have a hard copy, and can't seem to find the file on my computer. I'd like to send it to someone. (the walkerz link no longer works) thanks in advance.
  14. ryanpal

    what type of entity for joint venture?

    i'm partnering with an associate to purchase notes from banks. we both have llc's but it was mentioned to create a separate llc in which we are both 50% partners. should we do this or create some other type of partnership that incorporate both our existing llc's?
  15. ryanpal

    REAL ESTATE Financing and owning many properties

    care to share this hard money source? those rates are better than my source for private money.

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