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Recent content by rsant

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    REAL ESTATE How to start and make a development & investment firm fastlane?

    Re: How to start and make a development & investment firm fastlan Tyorke, Although I have no direct experience in finance or re, commercial property and rehab is something I intend to dip my feet into when the time is right. In regards to your #2. It's definitely a fast lane initiative, but...
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    WEB/DIGITAL citysearch vs. yelp vs. burrp vs. trusted places

    What platform do you find most appealing and what would you change in the function or aesthetics for the one you had chosen?
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    HOT TOPIC Shocked and Appalled with Advanta Credit Card

    also stay away from First Equity credit. The worst.
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    OFF-TOPIC Steak lovers?

    I believe you have to click on one of the icons to activate quickreply. As per the directions, if it is still an issue, please feel free to message me over there. Thanks
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    OFF-TOPIC Steak lovers?

    I really appreciate the jump start you guys have shown the forums. It's starting to move, a sign up here, a sign up there, and the presence of numerous trolling guests and spiders. I still have a long way to go in terms of concepts and aesthetics, but it will be where i want soon. When mail...
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    OFF-TOPIC Steak lovers?

    thanks. I will experiment with the color scheme tomorrow. If i am not mistakened, the quick reply is a mod that I have to install which will also be taken care of. lol that would be optimal if fastlaner's joined, lot's of ip's visiting, no conversions yet. It's only been a week since it's...
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    OFF-TOPIC Steak lovers?

    thanks for the wishes. what colors do you think of? black/brown/red/beige?
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    OFF-TOPIC Steak lovers?

    sign up to affiliate networks such as linkshare / google affiliates / affiliate bot etc... There are alot of networks, maybe some people here could mention. I personally went to different sites related to my niche, and checked to see which networks took care of them. It was more time efficient...
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    OFF-TOPIC Steak lovers?

    thanks, I got rid of the banners for now.
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    OFF-TOPIC Steak lovers?

    thanks for the quick inputs guys. neverfastenough, are you using 3.01 ? Regardless, that issue should be fixed. thanks for pointing that out. In regards to all the affiliate links, I tried to find things that could be considered potential eyecandy to people that stop by. I am a fan of...
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    OFF-TOPIC Steak lovers?

    I take my meat seriously. Anybody else here on FL? I started this hobby project last week and it's still in the works. Would love to hear input regarding your steak experiences. Check out some of the recipes, let me know how they turn out for you! - Premier Steak Discussion...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Hobby for me, possible opportunity for you.

    As my involvement in a current project consumes my life, I am unable input the required time I feel necessary in making some of my hobby domains successful. At the same time, I do not want to keep them stagnant. With this being said, I propose the idea of taking on like-minded partners in...
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    For those of you here in NYC - Free Federal Procurement Seminar

    got this in the mail for those of you who want to learn the basics of trying to contract with fed and state. Take advantage... e-mail c/p'd below: -------------------------------------------------- Congressman Edolphus "Ed" Towns Presents . . . A New York 10th District Federal Procurement...

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