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  1. Redwolf

    Do you use an editing service for your important emails, etc?

    To use something I can share, I submitted my "About us" webpage to 3 of the services, used a couple AI editors, and even one edit from a marketing colleague. I will edit my original post with the results as they come in.
  2. Redwolf

    Do you use an editing service for your important emails, etc?

    Beautiful, I really like this. They key here would be to type that signature by hand so it's a, let's call it "soft signature". I still would not put anything below the "hard signature" - what is set inside your email settings to be put on every email. Ideally, yes. Great perspective...
  3. Redwolf

    Do you use an editing service for your important emails, etc?

    That's great advice, appreciated; however, I wouldn't put anything after a signature because 1) many email services/programs hide the rest of the email at the sig and 2) human nature is to ignore the sig and everything below it. The emails could be about any type of topic beyond the normal...
  4. Redwolf

    Do you use an editing service for your important emails, etc?

    Writing that message, I meant current clients. Meaning, sending them an important email and have it professionally edited. But I don't see why that couldn't apply to prospective clients as well.
  5. Redwolf

    Do you use an editing service for your important emails, etc?

    I sometimes struggle with writing polished, on-message communications to both important clients and team wide emails. What service (or freelancer) do you use? Grammarly, the AI browser extension, helps with proofreading (grammar, punctuation), but not much else. But I'm looking for quality...
  6. Redwolf

    O/T: HEALTH Photos from the Bunker (Our Fastlane Photo Journal)

    I've been home based for 14 years working for myself. This doesn't really feel that much different to me, except, wife is working from home now, no random errands... and less income. Several days a week I start my day out on my treadmill desk. I easily walk 2-3+ miles without realizing it...
  7. Redwolf

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I listened to this book - being serenaded by MJ himself. Which led me to Unscripted, too.
  8. Redwolf


    I've listened to it. Is this how we get the little badge thingie?
  9. Redwolf

    I'm giving away copies of Unscripted to folks I meet

    Here is my first giveaway. I didn't think to include the book in the photo, whoops. I also need to make better notes, I forgot his name already - shit... Frank maybe? He moved from Belgium (gray shirt) and this little burger shop - By The Way Burger in Sherman Oaks, CA - looks like a chain -...
  10. Redwolf

    I'm giving away copies of Unscripted to folks I meet

    I bought 3 copies of Unscripted book (so far) to give away to folks that I meet that have that entrepreneurial spark and are building something bigger. Maybe it'll be a small push in the right direction. It can be someone in a job that wants to start out on their own, or someone that has...
  11. Redwolf

    If you had 1 million dollars, how would you invest it?

    I would just like to add that if you had done this on Dec 19, you would now have $982,323 :happy:
  12. Redwolf

  13. Redwolf

    Selling a 6 figure business in 2020 - broker or no?

    For a business with an estimated sales price around $325,000 give or take, is a broker's expertise worth 10% or so? Do brokers "private client lists" really amount to anything? Do brokers tend to help business sell faster? Or for more money? What value does a broker *really* bring in 2020...
  14. Redwolf

    Small Scale Manufacturing Machines

    I recently met one of the founders from GSG Audio Design, Kevin, super cool guy and very smart who does exactly this as a side gig. They started up about a year ago to help fill the need of audiophiles (bass heads) who want a DIY home theater subwoofer, but don't want to design and build from...
  15. Redwolf

    RANT Can You Escape the Giants in an Online Business?

    I'll spend even more to buy on Amazon because the delivery process is fast and hassle free. More on topic, I use Mailjet to email my customer list - I made a couple of changes to my account and their automated filter flagged my account the other day even though I've been a customer for 7 years...

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