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  1. Re:Kay

    need book suggestions

    Way of the wolf by jorden belfort might be interesting when it comes to sales
  2. Re:Kay

    Job Interview: Value yourself to get valued by others

    Wow lovely to get that much input on the subject from you guys aswell! @Kevin88660 I really think you are right about the numbers game part when it comes to the intial application - for me linkedin worked as a charm here - just get a decent CV upload and with a good search profile you can...
  3. Re:Kay

    Job Interview: Value yourself to get valued by others

    Hey there folks, It's been a while but I thought I could give back what I learned during my interview process with several companies since I just finished studies and am now working. Why would I post something about a job on the fastlane forum ? 1.) I believe that one can gather great...
  4. Re:Kay

    Thesis On Entrepreneur Thinking

    Hello AxelA, while I cannot offer you participation in your study, since I am not an entrepreneur yet, I would like to offer you some thoughts on your post. I believe you are genuienly interested in our motivations and drivers for being entrepreneurs, yet your post suggests that your interest...
  5. Re:Kay

    Creating the Value Array for my Type of Customer

    Hey there, why not reverse engeneer the process? What do I mean by that... So I suppose you know what your target audience is by now, therefore you should be familiar with their most pressing problems. If not going out and test can be your way to find where to add value. When you know what...
  6. Re:Kay

    Sales job, low effort 9 to 5 and side hussle or direct startup?

    First of all, thank you for the replies and taking the time, really apprecicate it and they are very helpful to me! Great to have so many friendly faces around here. Of course you guys are right that mediocre grades without job experience is not a good hand. Fortunately I got some job...
  7. Re:Kay

    Sales job, low effort 9 to 5 and side hussle or direct startup?

    Hey folks, need your thougts on a problem I stumbled upon last days. Since I am finishing my bachleors degree I´m faced with this decision and dont really know what to do. Of couse I DO NOT expect you to solve this problem for me but rather give me another perspective since some of you might...
  8. Re:Kay

    MEETUPS Germany - Munich

    I´m also from munich and interested in meeting up - drop me a pm for any ongoing groups :)
  9. Re:Kay

    EXECUTION Start the action - from broke to being rich

    Hey there everyone! I´m back with some updates but not to much going on the last days. I´ve been sick and therefore nearly not as productive as i wanted to be - but hey something is still better than nothing! @Thomas Chauvet thank you for sharing that - definetely will try it that way aswell...
  10. Re:Kay

    HOT TOPIC What habit changed your life?

    I could not agree more. The single thing that made the most impact on my life is taking another perspective and be greatful for whatever comes your way. Not satisfied with it. but greatful. Every single situation makes you stronger and smarter, no matter what. Especially the difficult ones...
  11. Re:Kay

    New Idea - How to presell my MVP?

    Acutally I never thought about it that way - and you´re absolutely right. Well sometimes you need to see one tree to discover you´re in the woods haha. Well I suppose a systematic approach to learn stuff can be useful anywhere - questions still reamains how to presell it before developing the...
  12. Re:Kay

    EXECUTION Start the action - from broke to being rich

    So today was a lovely day! Meet some friends for breakfast and walked there and listend to @MJ DeMarco MFL Audiobook. Really nice! No matter how often I listen to that, I alwas get some new insights. Really liked the 5 for 2 example in your book :) So I discovered that even before building...
  13. Re:Kay

    New Idea - How to presell my MVP?

    Hey there folks, just recently I read it is the best approach to presell your mvp (or product) before even creating it. So that one can see if the need is acutally there. So I wanted to focus on the studying niche, approaching learning another way. Nonetheless I don´t really know how I can...
  14. Re:Kay

    EXECUTION Start the action - from broke to being rich

    @LauraCort Thx, the journey has just begun :) Today I wasn´t very productive after all as expected, but still got to start with the basic steps of an MVP. So the main question I asked myself is to find answers to that sentence As a _______ I need a ______ So i can _______ (answering that...
  15. Re:Kay

    HOT TOPIC A daily tool for your efficiency

    Very decent post here @Santi Merino . I acutally use Google calender to plan my day and you can use whole day tasks as a to do list there - very handy. Personally I do not play my day as detailed as you do - but will give it a try. I plan like once a week + what ever comes up right at that...

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