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  1. Peter2

    OFF-TOPIC Happy Birthday, Runum!

    ..... Happy Birthday!!!! :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana:
  2. Peter2

    O/T: FUNNY NWS Kangaroo. Very Funny

    YouTube - TV blooper - Kangaroo Jerking Off :rofl: :smxB: :smx4:
  3. Peter2

    OFF-TOPIC Smiling Bob gets STIFF sentence.

    The Associated Press: Ohio company owner gets 25 years in fraud case
  4. Peter2

    HOT! Shocked and Appalled with Advanta Credit Card

    That's your whole issue. Advanta is a very strict lender. You need to keep your balance below 30%. Transfer the Advanta balance to a different card and then ask Advanta to reconsider your rate increase.
  5. Peter2

    WEB/DIGITAL Programmer needed?

    You will find what you need at or :)
  6. Peter2

    HOT! Shocked and Appalled with Advanta Credit Card

    This is very common in todays credit market. They increased your interest based on their internal scoring that shows you are a risk for defaulting soon. The way you wrote your post, I can assume that you are carrying a balance on your Advanta card. How much is that balance in comparison...
  7. Peter2

    HOT! Poker: How you can get started, succeed, and many myths and facts

    Re: Poker: How you can get started, succeed, and many myths and f Pokertracker. :)
  8. Peter2

    Shipping Container Homes

    Shipping containers provide home in a box - Buy a House: MLS Listings & Home Buying Tips - MSN Real Estate :)
  9. Peter2

    Investing in movies/film projects

    Don't assume you're going to make a cent. Most movies, Hollywood or independent, big budget or small, lose money. For every Titanic there are loads more that perform as well as the actual Titanic. Profit margins for the movie industry are 10% at best. And for independent films, the numbers are...
  10. Peter2

    Hiring a Consultant

    I hired a team of five consultants several years ago. It was very expensive, but well worth it. My company at the time had gone from $200k/month in sales to $200k/day in less than one year. I had focused so much on hiring and training sales people, that everything else was falling behind. I...
  11. Peter2

    HOT! A week in the life of Poker Pro, Snowbank

    The legal age for online gambling is 18 years old, since all online casinos are located outside the US.
  12. Peter2

    new member fom Portugal

    Diogo, welcome to the fastlane. :fastlane:
  13. Peter2


    How about "sample release form". :)
  14. Peter2

    HOT! What would you like to see?

    Yes. The poll option that is listed in cursive was your vote.
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