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    The power of No in a sales negotiation

    Seems like everybody who starts a business has the experience of a lot of awful customers and bad deals early on. I certainly did. It's totally understandable because you are desperate to get traction by getting any sort of customers and revenue. I think of it as just the tuition you are paying...
  2. Paleo

    HOT TOPIC What are the three best purchases you made in the last 3 years?

    I bought very little this year outside of reinvesting in my business. But: Nutrabulletpro: Simple to use, compact , powerful blender that makes it easy to mix up any kind of veggie or fruit smoothie. I usually have a smoothie as my meal for either breakfast or lunch, which is effective at...
  3. Paleo

    Starting a local sanitation business. Thoughts?

    I'm in a related business and have several thoughts: 1) If you call yourself a "sanitation" company, people will think you are running garbage trucks. A good business actually, but not what you are doing. 2) A fee based on volume of work is not a "flat fee" It's an quote like any other...
  4. Paleo

    Trash Valet

    This is definitely doable in the right area. I know a guy-he and a partner started a trash valet in my town a couple of years ago with one truck and a medium sized trailer with steel mesh sides. Now they have a second truck that pulls a large solid sided dump trailer. They got a contract early...
  5. Paleo

    GOLD! Too scared to fail: Millennials aren't starting businesses

    I was at a business conference this week and one of the main speakers said "Whoever learns how to lead Millennials is going to win." But he offered no suggestions on how to do that. I don't know and I don't think he knows either. Especially since the industries we are in involve physical work...
  6. Paleo

    The single most important entrepreneurial lesson: People buy emotions.

    I returned from a business trip last night on which i used Uber 6 times and was always a good experience. Quick, clean cars, polite drivers. The guy who drove me to the airport was about to go to his part time job with an airline. He is also a premed student. In contrast, I have had many bad...
  7. Paleo

    HOT TOPIC Lost... about to be homeless.

    The economy is pretty much at full employment right now. Drive along the main street in my town and it's one "Now Hiring" sign after another. Businesses are begging for employees. And it's not all fast food either. Retail, construction, light industrial. If you can't find work now you just...
  8. Paleo

    OFF-TOPIC What’s your favorite set of kitchen knives?

    I have the Victorinox Grand Maitre 8" chef's knife with the rosewood handle and can't say enough good things about it. It is well balanced, comfortable to use, sharpens easily and stays sharp for a long time, and cuts well on anything. It minces fresh herbs better than any knife I have ever...
  9. Paleo

    HOT TOPIC Possible Blue Ocean? Affordable "tiny" housing park

    My girlfriend had a very similar idea last year. A real estate agent told us about a small mobile home park for sale in our town and we went to look at it. It was in the oldest part of town on the last remaining run down street; the nearby streets were all being rehabbed or rebuilt and were...
  10. Paleo

    10 Months into Food Truck App - Graze

    Yes, I agree, I was just bringing it up as an issue to be considered. I am super careful when it comes to naming decisions- to me, the ideal is the company name should be unique and it should own the business name, the .com domain, the same name across all social media accounts, and it should...
  11. Paleo

    10 Months into Food Truck App - Graze

    There's already a home delivery snack box company with that name graze | healthier snacks by mail They do TV ads. There are food related active trademarks with that name too. Seems like a serious risk of confusion and litigation.
  12. Paleo

    HOT TOPIC Dressing For Success... Stop looking like a fool.

    I was once skeptical that there was any significant difference between cheaper men's clothing and the high end makers that would justify the large difference in price. But having worn everything from low end department store lines, to middle market , to the elite brands such as Brioni...
  13. Paleo

    O/T: FUNNY Build-A-Bear promotion + backfire. 8+ hour queues for teddy bears..

    I wouldn't say it "backfired" on Build a Bear- the value of the publicity was worth many times the lost revenue on the cheap bears. I suspect they anticipated this might happen and were hoping it would happen for the media attention. The message is that their product is so desirable people are...
  14. Paleo

    NOTABLE! Starting a lawn care service business

    I've been seriously thinking about snapping up some used equipment this winter and putting a crew out there next spring just because the local companies SUCK at marketing. I've been in this house for over a year and have gotten one door hanger, one crappy flier and I think one postcard from lawn...
  15. Paleo

    For those that think money is non-zero sum game

    So by your definition, these people are "rich" because they have a lot of "money" You're making some fundamental conceptual errors.

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