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  1. oa92

    MARKETPLACE Can Web Design Be Profitable for You - The NO “Hype” Fox Web School Legends Program

    Im a current student and just wanted to give my thoughts on the program so far. I joined the school in September having just finished a degree in graphic design but I was a little lost as to what I wanted to do next. Originally I was going to try and start a graphic design business but once I...
  2. oa92

    EXECUTION My Journey From Full Time Employment To Freedom

    Update 3 I’ve decided I’ll probably update this about once every 3/4 weeks now. Or if anything significant happens. At this stage, most of what write will be very repetitive but I suppose that’s the reality of this journey. I’ve been continuing with the video’s daily and following them up...
  3. oa92

    EXECUTION My Journey From Full Time Employment To Freedom

    Update 2 I managed to send out at least 1 video per day and I’ve had a couple of good responses from them. I will follow all the videos up with calls next week. I also manged to get to 2 networking events this week, made some new connections and got 2 more good leads. I’m now also offering...
  4. oa92

    UK guys, anyone know if matched betting is still worth doing as a small side hustle?

    Ive done it and rinsed it. Its good until you start getting banned from all the offers. Its not really substainable. Go all in and absolutely rinse it, make your money and once you started getting banned from most stuff walk away from it or it'll end of taking too much of your time searching...
  5. oa92

    EXECUTION My Journey From Full Time Employment To Freedom

    Update 1 I did my first couple of video outreaches last week. I had been putting this off for a while now and now I’ve finally done it I regret not starting this much earlier! I used Loom and couldn’t believe how easy it is to use. I have tracking on my emails and Loom also tracks when...
  6. oa92

    EXECUTION My Journey From Full Time Employment To Freedom

    My Journey From Full Time Employment To Freedom Progress & Intro Post I’ve never really made an introduction and now I’ve actually started something it seems like a good time to. My background I joined the forum about a year ago now, I’ve learned a lot and it has led me down the path I’m on...
  7. oa92

    Got DESTROYED On Shark Tank! What Now?

    I wouldn't worry, I used to watch Dragons Den and there were obviously a lot of good ones, bad ones and funny ones but I can barely remember what any of their businesses were let along the people pitching them!
  8. oa92

    Why is there not more healthy fast food chains?

    Personally I'd like to see a fast-food chain directed towards gym goers. I guess it would have to be naturally healthy anyway, but the focus could be on how much protein/carbs/calories the food contains. You could set these these up close to busy gyms so people could get decent pe or post...
  9. oa92

    Trying to get my website to NOT feel like a scam - help?

    Make use of white space. Small amounts of good information in large blank areas can have a big impact. Look up the Volkswagen Advertisement (Think Small) to see an example of this.
  10. oa92

    Cold Email Advice

    It's showing okay on mine, not sure why you can't see it
  11. oa92

    Cold Email Advice

    I’m currently trying to start up a graphic design business. I’m going to start off by targeting trades such as plumbers and electricians. The first marketing method I am going to use is cold emailing. This is what I’ve come up with: Do you think this an effective advert for offering graphic...
  12. oa92

    Buying a home or renting apartment

    Im still living with parents so can't help you out, but Ive seen this question come up a couple of times recently. It might be worth having a read through this thread: Buying vs Renting. Which are YOU?
  13. oa92

    Forum Feature Suggestion: Save Thread To Favourites

    Could you not just Bookmark it or Add to Reading List on your browser?
  14. oa92

    Graphic Design or the struggle to make it fastlane

    Im a Graphic Designer and have not long completed a part time degree, I worked for various print companies doing a mixture of design, pre-press and occasionally getting hands on with the printers so I'd say I have a pretty broad knowledge of the industry. Since reading The Millionaire Fastlane...
  15. oa92

    Is reselling fiverr services a good ideia?

    NOTABLE! - How I Made $11032 In 2 Months With Less Than 1.30 Hour Of Daily Work

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