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  1. njsinko

    Thoughts On The 10X Rule

    I have followed GC for a long time, since we both came from the auto industry. He was a very well known sales trainer at dealerships for many years before branching out. I think the 10X concept is not advisable when you are first starting out, as it can lead to unrealistic expectations of what...
  2. njsinko

    Progress thread -

    I like this concept. I think encouraging users to submit their own reviews is the next logical step to boost the amount of content. After all, I don't want one persons opinion - especially someone I have never heard of. I would like to see a number of reviews from a number of different real...
  3. njsinko

    Turn Any Protein Powder into an Ice Cream Like Dessert - Need Feedback on FREEZINda™

    FREEZINda? That's gotta be the worst name ever. Also yes, the packaging is horrid - looks like a very cheap unknown international product. Should be called Frotein not god damn Freezinda
  4. njsinko

    The Morality of Achievement

    All great replies to my post. I guess one thing I will clarify as far as living on your own terms vs helping others is that your accountability should only be to yourself. I feel that the immorality comes from short changing yourself by not pursuing things you want to do/ are capable of doing...
  5. njsinko

    The Morality of Achievement

    This is something I have recently been combing though in my mind. This line of thinking was inspired by Ayn Rand. I have been reading her non-fiction work for years, and recently have started Atlas Shrugged. For those of you who aren't familiar with Rand, I suggest you spend some time googling...
  6. njsinko

    Has Amazon become a monopoly?

    Amazon is good at one thing: Logistics. Amazon will be beat eventually when someone else can figure out how to deliver products faster then they can from the retailers who sell them. This sounds crazy and far fetched, but remember those systems of suction tubes from the Jetsons? You put...
  7. njsinko

    If I can't start a successful business, should I just buy one?

    You've got to find a pain somewhere, and fix it in a way nobody else can or has. It takes big money to break into a competitive business like t-shirts. Companies invest millions in marketing to get a new company like that off the ground. It's too competitive to be done with a shoestring budget...
  8. njsinko

    Fiance is calling my business "his/our" business, threatening to sue me

    If you become very successful and start generating big revenue, you can guarantee that there will be a legal challenge, and you could lose everything. Time to choose - your relationship or your business? I have seen people lose millions because they "trusted" their partner not to try to take...
  9. njsinko

    How many searches per month indicates a good keyword?

    I don't think the volume of the keyword directly indicates viability of a business idea as much as people think. What would be a better metric is just how engaged or willing to purchase those searches actually are. Think about Lamborghini as a search keyword. Probably has a ton of volume, but...
  10. njsinko

    I want to make a course on how to quit gaming and be more productive

    No problem. You are on the right track - you have to look for pain. My feeling on this is that your addicted gamers might not have enough pain associated with their addiction that they are willing to buy something to help them. Smokers however... now there's a market! It's really hard to...
  11. njsinko

    How I conducted market research with no audience

    I wanted to share with you the method that I used to confirm there was a market for my niche product before I created it. 1. Join a Facebook group related to the Niche that already has a good amount of active members 2. Begin providing value to the group in some posts, without asking anything...
  12. njsinko

    I want to make a course on how to quit gaming and be more productive

    What numerical based evidence (search console, surveys you have conducted, or competitors in the space) that leads you to believe addicted gamers would be willing to pay money to purchase a program to help them kick their gaming habit? Trial and error in business is costly both in your time and...
  13. njsinko

    Book Cover-- What do you think of it?

    They key to a great cover as I see it is a single simple focal point, combined with a powerful simple title, with an inviting tagline. There is simply too much going on at once with your cover, and as others have mentioned before me - it looks like it was cheaply made using MS paint. I would...

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