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Neville Medhora

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I run a company that's half copywriting agency, and half copywriting training. We train entrepreneurs, content writers, and sales teams to become top-notch copywriters so they increase conversion rates across all the materials they produce.

– Reduce the amount of time wasted by bad communication.
– Create advertising focused on educating, rather than hot air.
– Find ways to install knowledge in brains faster.

I'm Currently involved with:
  • Kopywriting Kourse: Businesses make sure all their employees watch this so they reduce wasted communication time, talk with clients better, and make more sales.
  • NevBlog: One of the very first financial blogs on the internet. Now used for accountability.
  • AppSumo: Big discounts on SaaS products sent to over 850,000 people.
  • Sumo: Tools to get traffic & signups on your website. If you have a website, this should be on it.
  • Author: Wrote a book. It was really short. Sold it on Amazon. Companies use it as a style reference guide.
  • HouseOfRave: Owned one of largest rave retailers till 2011. Still never been to a rave.
  • RealSavvy: A software that helps real estate agents communicate with their clients.
  • PinkJavaMedia: One of the largest networks of soap opera blogs on the internet.
  • TheHustle: Media company that runs a business news site and puts on HustleCon.
I specialize in copywriting for blog posts, sales pages, and email sequences.
-Neville M.
Austin, TX.
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