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  1. million$$$smile

    Fighting CV19: Please send thoughts and well wishes to Greg B (Runum)

    I haven't been on the forum for quite awhile. But for some reason I felt led to return for the first time tonite. Now I know why. Greg, my friend, you're in my thoughts and prayers. I will be praying for your recovery. Prayer is the Pause that Empowers.
  2. million$$$smile

    Tin Foil Hat Time: Are Aliens Here?

    This was buried in the Covid -19 Relief Bill that Trump just signed into effect: Supposedly, the gubmunt is required to release to the public everything they know about UFOs. So maybe we shall see something come...
  3. million$$$smile

    Should I invest in stock market if I am trying to start a fastlane business?

    I think investing in the market has its place. But only after one has created a constant stream of income in the business that they created. I wouldn't put the cart before the horse. Develop a stream of income and then invest funds in what you are comfortable with, after doing your own DD...
  4. million$$$smile

    The Dangers of Cigar Smoking... Concerned? Overblown?

    If there is a Zen to anything. It's the Zen of smoking a cigar...
  5. million$$$smile

    The Dangers of Cigar Smoking... Concerned? Overblown?

    I love cigars. Love them. It isn't just about the cigar, it is the relaxation at the end of the day when I sit out on my porch and relax. R-e-l-a-x. I run multiple businesses. And it can be very stressful at times. Right now, I have 3 employees in quarantine. One tested positive. There are...
  6. million$$$smile

    Thoughts - The Social Dilemma [Netflix Documentary]

    I think this should be considered for the forums next 'book review'. Even though it isn't a book. "Are we being roped into the matrix?' @MJ DeMarco
  7. million$$$smile

    Kyle Keegan Radio- Inspiring Entrepreneurship and Free Markets

    I think you ought to focus an episode on the giants of entrepreneurship and the WHY that they are there. Musk, Bezos, Page, Ellison, etc. Think it might be a good show...
  8. million$$$smile

    Kyle Keegan Radio- Inspiring Entrepreneurship and Free Markets

    I just finished episode 69. Loved it. Though I may not always agree on your consensus and comments regarding why a particular company has entered into a demise mode, it does give me reason to ponder the why. You're right on the mark about a lot of reasons why brands are 'softening'. Love it...
  9. million$$$smile

    Can I please have advice on how to make sure I take over my family companies well?

    The question is: What is your passion? If it isn't your passion, you seem to have answered your own question. I think he is right, find a job and work for someone else. Learn to take orders so that one day you will be able to give them. If you are unable to do that, it will be an uphill battle...
  10. million$$$smile

    KungFuSteve Hosts A Masterclass On Scaling Your Business!

    What. The. Hell? So, what is YOUR angle? Sure, you might find the same information somewhere else. But how do you know FOR SURE??? Because it sounds like someone else? So what? How can you review something you haven't attended? WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO DISQUALIFY SOMEONE WHEN YOU HAVEN'T...
  11. million$$$smile

    Lessons from a Kamikaze Entrepreneur...

    continued... We finally received the samples and after a few minor changes we approved them and production began. Some may wonder how we were so sure that we would be successful with the new product line and spending the initial investment to bring to market. It isn't that hard if you know...
  12. million$$$smile

    Lessons from a Kamikaze Entrepreneur...

    Some of you know that one of my endeavors is a small manufacturing business that caters to the construction trades. Along with manufacturing many of our own products in-house, we also have a line of tools private branded here in the USA. We are strictly wholesale only to our dealers throughout...
  13. million$$$smile

    Growing Runum's Youtube Channel

    That was a good vid @Runum. I enjoy watching stuff like that. Totally forgot about the paperclip fix!
  14. million$$$smile

    Fastlaners and future-fastlaners, how are you doing?

    Welcome Tom. Read the gold threads. Ask questions, and try to think out of the box. You've come to the right place if you want to learn what they don't teach you in school. See ya around. Randall
  15. million$$$smile

    Advice on buying a business

    Walter, I respect your business acumen. i have thought about franchising my business rather than scaling it corporately.. If you had the choice, would you open new locations as a corporate store or franchise. And why$ It just seems like one loses control if franchising, and one has to deal...

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