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  1. mentalic

    HOT TOPIC How do you guys even manage your time/energy?

    Also in Toronto (midtown/downtown). New in town & looking forward to meet like-minded people. Shoot a pm when you are around.
  2. mentalic

    HOT TOPIC How do you guys even manage your time/energy?

    Try to reduce your time-wasting habits, one step at the time. Its ridiculus to spend 25' cleaning your teeth, start by that. How do you commute to work? To you take the subway or use a car? Even working full-time, you should be able to afford 3h/day & 16h during the weekend AT LEAST for building...
  3. mentalic

    MEETUPS [May 20] Collision Conference 2019 in Toronto - Anyone?

    I've only been to conferences just a handful of times, and usually it was the small rooms that had the most interesting speeches. I will probably be there, since I'm new to the city and I will get the opportunity to meet a lot of people in one place.
  4. mentalic

    From zero to 15$ in one year or less

    Well, I've seen lot of dating site ads in Facebook for sure. I think that this could be a valid channel, not sure about instagram. The thing with fb and all these social media channels is that you actually need to build an audience with the 'hope' that you make the sale sometime
  5. mentalic

    From zero to 15$ in one year or less

    Congrats on making your first sale online. I understand the hard work required to start from zero. You've proven that you can learn new things and make some money, now you have to prove that you can maintain that passion to the point that you will be able to quit your day job. Unfortunatelly...
  6. mentalic

    INTRO Greetings from Greece

    I haven't read Unscripted. I've read the Fastlane and I would say it's pretty good and its worth its time. And not to forget, the book will just teach you how to take your first steps but you'll have to do the walking :)
  7. mentalic

    INTRO Greetings from Greece

    Καλησπέρα/ greetings all :) Lovely seing some Greeks joining the forum :)
  8. mentalic

    INTRO Greetings from Greece

    Not a positive attitude I would say φίλε μου :P If you have no idea about what content/blog should you create that will "generate money" for you, then I wouldn't say that you are on the right track. Spend some more time levelling up your skills (reading, doing), create a blog of your own for a...
  9. mentalic

    INTRO Greetings from Canada

    Just moved from Europe to Toronto. I have my own SaaS business, looking forward to meeting fellow 'fastlaners' in the area.
  10. mentalic

    I want to make a course on how to quit gaming and be more productive

    Great idea man. I used to play a lot, mostly WoW. One day I just quit (sold all my gear and donated the gold to the Guild :P). I understand the addiction and the problem. Good thing is that in case you haven't realized that yet is that you have two-three different types of audiences/customers...
  11. mentalic

    HOT TOPIC Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    Anyone in Coinex? They recently introduced a profit distribution token (CET) and it yields pretty good returns, in fact so good that I am getting nervous...
  12. mentalic

    HOT TOPIC What Are The Best Altcoins To Look Out For In Cryptocurrencies?

    I am like the most of you I guess into LTC & ADA (also have a small portion in XMR & NEO) as a buy and HODL strategy, because I am mostly into long term and do not have the time to do trading every day.
  13. mentalic

    HOT TOPIC Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    Well, while understanding the differences between scrypt & sha256 might be difficult for the average Joe, faster transaction times & lower fees are pretty easy to grasp :) ETH is a completely different thing, it was not built to be treated as a currency like BTC, but more as a digital 'fuel' to...

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