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  1. Lokantha

    Building Website

    Thanks buddy! I also have a third party traffic provider I use (a close friend's business). Never thought of this option, and I think I'll try this at first.
  2. Lokantha

    Building Website

    Is Wordpress typically the recommended platform to build a membership/subscription website? What about online boutique/clothing? Any recommended hosting with decent speeds for a membership site with 500-1,000 members? -The site just delivers weekly content & archives former content. No forum or...
  3. Lokantha

    HOT TOPIC 20 years old, planning to quit uni and move to Thailand to work on business

    I love Thailand. However, I find it smarter to build my skills first. I agree with sticking with the education and foregoing your wanderlust (something I had done up until about 6m ago, now been to Thailand 2x, Japan, & Hongkong). The trips were worth every penny because it makes you more...
  4. Lokantha

    INTRO Creating 'Win Wins' and Figuring It Out

    Understandable, as monopolistically competitive and perfectly competitive markets usually are. I'm more or less thinking of ideas to build commission over time and/or build a client pool for professionals within a specific market (ex. CPAs & lawyers) to utilize as a team. Allowing them to retain...
  5. Lokantha

    INTRO Creating 'Win Wins' and Figuring It Out

    I'm Ryan, a soon to be licensed (waiting on final certificate in the mail) CPA in North Carolina and current part-time MBA student. I have spent the past 5yr out of college working in the corporate world in a '9-5' industry (paint manufacturing) accounting job. I am resilient and many know me...

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