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    Hello fastlane women / mums... are you there??

    I've been blipping into the Fastlane and then going back down to the slow lane off and on for 21 years. I've been staying on the Fastlane track for the last year and the key difference was FOCUS (follow one course until successful). I've made more mistakes and would love to help anyone else...
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    I think I saw you say you could do SEO. Look for a Manpower or other temp agency job for 3 months. It'll pay, you'll build up your $1k/mo savings, and you may be able to transfer to a different area for different jobs. Once you're in the system, it's easier for them to help you. I also use...
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    OFF-TOPIC Buzzfeed: Tony Robbins accused of sexual misconduct

    My daughter went to NAU for 2 years where an English teacher gave a guy an F on a paper for using the phrase "mankind." She said he should be more inclusive...and use "humanity." You can't make this stuff up.
  4. LaraJF

    OFF-TOPIC Buzzfeed: Tony Robbins accused of sexual misconduct

    I don't want to get "political." I will say I've seen (and experienced) a LOT in my years working in high tech. Some true harassment (including woman on woman) But mostly I've seen a LOT of false accusations. I call total BS on this. Most of the big "news" stories have been BS...
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    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    I just finished Company of One by Paul Jarvis (two thumbs up) and am currently listening to Hunting LeRoux: The Inside Story of the DEA Takedown of a Criminal Genius and his Empire. Totally fun read and quite thrilling. Next up is Black Death at the Golden Gate by David K. Randall. Before...
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    EXECUTION What will you accomplish in 2019?

    Congratulations on the PE! (my BS is EE and my ME friends went from struggling EIT to sweating the PE). It's more major than you think. And I agree a good night's sleep is so important. I can survive most everything if I've slept well. How is meditation working out for you? I have no patience...
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    RANT Fighting Temptation

    So....go call & say you rethought it over....and then tell us...I'm on the edge of my seat!
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    Took a sales job, quit after 12 hours

    Ah, men. I'll tell my husband that something is 40% off, and he'll say "But that means it's 60% on." As for the sales tactic, that business won't last long. There will be a lot of chargebacks and unhappy people saying it wasn't what they signed up for. There are so many better resources out...
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    OFF-TOPIC It's a sad day :(

    I'll sip to her memory tonight. They don't make cars like they used to.
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    Habits v Mindset

    I would personally say mindset, but there is something about maintaining a good habit that gives momentum and builds the mindset.
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    Tony Robbins sells out; reveals his Paradox of Practice, cringeworthy.

    That's why i only quoted the part about Grant Cardone......It explained some things to me. Your mileage may vary :-) Cheers.
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    Tony Robbins sells out; reveals his Paradox of Practice, cringeworthy.

    Would it surprise you to hear he's a Scientologist? (not that there's anything wrong with that). And I agree with MJ on Dan Lok. He' gives away SO much value but it's up to you to pick it up and do something with it. (hrm, kinda like MJ.....) I avoided the Tony rage in the late 80s early...
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    RANT How to EMBARRASS yourself - Don't be this guy

    This. Exactly. It's like he was thinking she was some dumb bunny who would be happy to make anything. "Brad" got off lightly, and I hope he learned something.
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    VOTE NOW! Book #4: Vote for Next Book Discussion!

    I've read Cialdini (both books), The One Thing, and Never Split the Difference. I read Man's Search for Meaning with my daughter when she read that for a Univ class. All four are fantastic. I did read the Power of Habit (yawn) and think it's too close on the heels of Atomic Habits. So I'm...
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    BOOK Atomic Habits, by James Clear (Review & Discussion)

    Yes, especially after the bit about Laszlo Polgar and how geniuses are made not born. But I am enjoying it well enough too. I only have 15 more audible minutes to go! It is making me look for areas where I can habit stack (after morning coffee, make green juice before go for walk. After walk...
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