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  1. kkompoti

    O/T: HEALTH Laser Eye Surgery / Lasik

    I have done it when I was 17. No I am 33 and the problem came back.
  2. kkompoti

    INTRO Whats up? Isn't this great?

    33 years old . Found this life saving forum in 2016. Started making the mindset shift at 2014 a little before my first daughter was born. After that I tried Selling flashlights and trail cams some Beekeeping 20 hives Selling eggs 20 hens Selling zuchini 100 plants Selling stuff from my organic...
  3. kkompoti

    INTRO Whats up? Isn't this great?

    Welcome to the forum These are ideas. Do you have plans written down and do you make progress every single day on your projects? How old were you when you saw the mtv show that rocked your world? How old are you now? What have you been doing from then towards your goals? Really doing?
  4. kkompoti

    What's your financial plan for 2020?

    Congrats then on all your side projects. How do you manage focus with so many projects? I had the same issue but decided to put everything on hold and focus one thing at a time. Currently working on opening a ecommerce site on Jan 2020.
  5. kkompoti

    INTRO Want to do good things

    Welcome here! Try the search option of the forum for things you want to learn about. You will find a lot of valuable material in the gold and notable threads. Where do you see yourself five years from now?
  6. kkompoti

    GOLD! Ask me anything about eCommerce (Ongoing)

    @biophase I would like to ask what is in your opinion the best ways for online marketing for a real product based niche ecommerce store?
  7. kkompoti

    What's your financial plan for 2020?

    Two questions. Can you put exact numbers on your steps? What kind of empire do you have? Mj says in a a thread here that you must have specific numbers in your head for your goals.. e.g. I am going to lose weight vs I am going to lose 20 pounds. More realistic and more hard to achieve. Also...
  8. kkompoti

    How to escape consumerism and have fun without spending money?

    Check out the minimalism movement. There is a great documentary for that on Netflix. Also enjoy nature more.
  9. kkompoti

    HOT TOPIC Tin Foil Hat Time: Are Aliens Here?

    Mj why is that ? What has the atomic bomb has to do with it?
  10. kkompoti

    Chronic Illness Limits Me To 25 Hrs/Week... Possible To Succeed Fastlane despite?

    Hello Having a blog means you need Someone to do the copywriting Someone to run your site Someone to run your ads Someone to take your photos -videos Someone to handle the proper irs stuff Someone to do the editing of your posts Someone to do the graphic design For starters In most cases...
  11. kkompoti

    How do you talk to your parents?

    you do not want to convince anyone for anything. Is it beneficial for you? Do it. If your parents do not like it tell them exactly what your end goal is and how long will that take to be achieved. They care about your school and they think you are giving up on their dream for good...
  12. kkompoti

    INTRO A massive HELLO from Greece!

    hello from Greece too! welcome to the forum! start adding value to the forum! after that all your questions will be answered.
  13. kkompoti

    HOT TOPIC Just bought a house for $9,000...

    great deal ! what is your family farming business?
  14. kkompoti

    INTRO Hello from Athens

    welcome to the forum!
  15. kkompoti

    The journey so far

    A little bit about me : Country boy 32 yo. Married . 2 daughters. One Cat. 2 cars. 1 motorbike. Farm enthusiast… It all started almost one year ago when a person I know told me : do you know of a guy that would like to buy a 85 sq.m. house inside a ¾ of an acre land plot? It is like the small...

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