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  1. jpn

    INTRO Why I don't want to be an entrepreneur.

    Based on this information you were never an entrepreneur. Just someone who wanted to optimize his taxes and failed. No lesson here.
  2. jpn

    Just Start From Something But is it Legal?

    2 points. 1. If it’s really needed. Than go and get that registration. If you can’t bother with some paper work, you shouldn’t start a business. 2. Get advice from a specialist. For example a bookkeeper. Usually a introductory chat is free and they will usually give some basic advice during...
  3. jpn

    OFF-TOPIC MacBook Air or Dell XPS 13 Laptop for programming?

    Having used both personally: For software development the xps13. At my company we looked at the xps13 and MacBook Pro for our devs. We went with the MacBook Pro. Current air models will lack quite quickly for serious development. XPS is a fine machine. Just make sure to opt for the max RAM you...
  4. jpn

    Insurance leads in Italy, Germany, and France

    In my country, which may have similarities to other European countries (I’m not in the business), the largest lead-gen/comparing website also acts as the broker for various insurance companies. They do not sell leads to brokers or agents. I imagine there’s a reason they do it this way because...
  5. jpn

    Should I accept or reject this "partnership"?

    No one can say whether you should take the offer or not. We're not you, we don't know you or your life. Having said that, this is a glorified employee role. But honestly, you're acting as an employee. You'll be taking a salary, and not taking any real risk by the sound of it. From their...
  6. jpn

    Anti-China Sentiment

    The Italian government is perfectly able to borrow money. Every country in Europe needed to do so to help fund the fight against corona. Even so a fund was quickly set up: Coronavirus: EU finance ministers agree on €500 billion emergency fund And...
  7. jpn

    Anti-China Sentiment

    Here's a list of what European countries have done to help each other, including Italy: Coronavirus: European Solidarity in action There is a lot of "news" out there shared by "news agencies" funded by Russian and Chinese interests. And perhaps some Italian politicians also would be best served...
  8. jpn

    OFF-TOPIC Will we see an actual war with China?

    No. A hot war with China cannot be won. There is no scenario imaginable where any nation gets out ahead in a war with China. Unless... Maybe. A few politicians may be able to get ahead, and if the system is so broken that the selfish decisions of a few can initiate a chain of events that...
  9. jpn

    OFF-TOPIC Will we see an actual war with China?

    I largely agree with you. Many outside the US overestimates how little most people in the US care/interact with government on the federal level. Having said that, the OP isn't talking about what the average US citizen thinks. He's asking if there could be war between the US and China. This...
  10. jpn

    OFF-TOPIC Will we see an actual war with China?

    Never heard of them. Who is this person, and why does their view on this matter? Googled it but didn't clarify much.
  11. jpn

    Finding ways to differentiate myself from mature brands

    Perhaps you should reconsider trying to launch a me-too product without a clear differentiation. If you want to push ahead, did you read unscripted? There are a few chapters on value skew there. That should give you some excellent direction.
  12. jpn

    Legal Document Assembly for Software Development?

    This! The expensive specialist tends to be cheaper in the long run. Look for specialists, talk to them and see which ones you connect with best. You could end up working with that firm and that partner for a long time.
  13. jpn

    Selling B2B service while working 9-5

    Just curious, have you ever sold anything B2B, in particular expensive capital items like machinery?

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