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  1. hughjasle

    GOLD! Fastlane Parenting (Tips, Tactics...)

    We don't really have a system we follow. We are more on the 'unschooling' train. We teach them to read and do math, but otherwise we just learn what's interesting to them at the time. We are a part of a few local groups and do weekly get togethers and things like that as well. Sent from my...
  2. hughjasle

    HOT TOPIC Kid Made $4000 a Day Dropshipping ("Revealed" All In a Free YouTube Tutorial) - Scam or Legit?

    I haven't watched the videos, but based on the comments from those that did, I would also say they were real. I can also agree with all the others that there is no way those same tactics will work for you today if they are a year old. I know loads of guys that jumped on the dropshipping hustle...
  3. hughjasle

    EXECUTION From Affiliate Marketing To Importing And Ecommerce

    Yes I order from the manufactures. I get them to produce the products that i want the way I want it. They come to me in bulk and I ship them out. Well, I don't physically pack and ship anything myself, someone else in house does that for me now.
  4. hughjasle

    EXECUTION From Affiliate Marketing To Importing And Ecommerce

    Be wise! Save that money!! I have seen too many guys go broke lately when they were hitting number 10x that. Be smart and you will live a long and happy life knowing that you can provide for yourself :) Congrats
  5. hughjasle

    Got $10K? Amazon Wants YOU to Deliver Packages

    I'd be curious to hear more about this. I read an unreliable source stating that each van you get is capped at $7500 profit per year. I don't like that sounds of a cap. Would be interested to see the real information and details. For kicks I went straight to Amazon to figure it out. Read their...
  6. hughjasle

    GOLD! Fastlane Parenting (Tips, Tactics...)

    I have 3 kids, 7, 4, and 1. We homeschool. Always have and always will unless they request otherwise. Key is being on the same page with your spouse. My wife is amazing and has learned a LOT about homeschooling and basically runs that entire side of the house while I run the finances. We picked...
  7. hughjasle

    EXECUTION From Affiliate Marketing To Importing And Ecommerce

    I don't really look at it as a tiered thing. I like products/offers with at at least $40 of profit margin to work with when running paid traffic on Facebook. With $40 profit margin, I can run ads and get a sale for $20 in ad cost, netting me a 100% ROA (return on ad spend). It leaves me a good...
  8. hughjasle

    EXECUTION From Affiliate Marketing To Importing And Ecommerce

    lol yea... I'm afraid to go back and read what I wrote back when I started down this path. Times were different, ecommerce on FB was still fresh. I did the viral crap (never did dropshipping though) and realized the pitfalls of it. My posts are just my views and experiences, they can and do...
  9. hughjasle

    INTRO Former Alcoholic Turned Esports Entrepreneur

    There is big money in figuring out how to bring in more money outside of just tourny/sponsor For example, was built as an online solution to place bets on games (namely 1v1). Lots of other channels out there like that now. Got to be creative and come up with new things. The guys behind...
  10. hughjasle

    EXECUTION From Affiliate Marketing To Importing And Ecommerce

    @johnp & @kd38 sounds like those products are more of the viral dropshipping style. If you want to hit that stuff I know there are some threads here on forum about dropshipping and doing more viral stuff. I am far more into high priced high quality ecom at this point. I know there are a few guys...
  11. hughjasle

    INTRO Former Alcoholic Turned Esports Entrepreneur

    I ask because I may have some connections for you. I grew up with the owners of some high profile pro-esports teams as well as the main company behind most of the new esports area build outs. One just sold his esports biz for for a huge amount. If you are ever in the Las Vegas area, let me know.
  12. hughjasle

    HOT TOPIC SaaS Mastermind Group - Striving to $100k/mo

    Send me an invite pls. I have my Saas finishing up its first round of development in the next 3 weeks. Would love to be active in the group with others.
  13. hughjasle

    Anyone use CLICKFUNNELS?

    It's a decent service. Lacking in some areas (namely reporting). It's good or bad depending on what you need. I found for ecommerce, consumers preferred my shopify store over clickfunnels so I dumped it and never went back. I did like certain parts of it. I would use it again if I found...
  14. hughjasle

    INTRO Former Alcoholic Turned Esports Entrepreneur

    What are you doing in esports?
  15. hughjasle

    Blackhat vs Whitehat SEO

    I know a total of 2 guys (well to be fair one of them is a small team of 3 guys working together), who made and make their money off SEO to the tune of 7 figures a year. One has been around for 5 years the other has been around for 10+ years now working on their site. I don't know much about...
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