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    I've failed at postponing "do what you love"

    You probably don't know them, but Agora is a billion dollar company selling information products. There's nothing with a smaller barrier to entry than information products (unless someone monetizes breathing) Yet, they rake in tons of benjamins every year. How? Well, they're great marketers...
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    I don't care about money

    I like the way Mark Manson defines happiness: solving problems. I'm at my happiest when I'm productive (aka solving the problem of being lazy, not creating things etc) "I don't care about money. I really don't. The only thing I care about is being happy, healthy, be loved and be a person to...
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    Long Distance Relationship Coaching (WOULD LOVE FEEDBACK)

    You can also find people who think long distance relationships is a joke (like me) and reverse engineer what NOT to target. This might help you get clearer on your targeting. For exampe, definitely don't target anyone who likes dating/pua pages. As for what to say, you can never go wrong...
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    Analyzing The Great Adverts- How Did You Do It

    "Yea, I agree.. sales at the end of the day are all that matter... but depending on the situation it can be harder to get immediate feedback. then clicks." It depends on what system you have in place. Online? Offline? Fb ads to autoresponder to webinar? Many details. Personally I keep it simple...
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    Sam Harris (prominent Atheist author)’s Business Model is brilliant, in my opinion.

    You mean something like "read it and pay whatever you want later"? If yes, I highly doubt people will finish a free book (they barely finish paid ones) so you might end up with nothing.
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    Analyzing The Great Adverts- How Did You Do It

    There's one reason to copy ads by hand... make Gary Halbert smile in his grave On a more serious note, I'm with Lex. Handwriting ads is overrated. First of all, many people (me included) zombiely copy the ads. That's not how you're supposed to do it. You actually have to spend extra...
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    Analyzing The Great Adverts- How Did You Do It

    I got started in Fitness and then learned copywriting (funny story, I have @Lex DeVille copywriting thread to thanks for helping me earn my first $$$ in copywriting) If you wanna learn how to write copy that sells, you not only have to write but also have to find a way to communicate with your...
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    Jordan Peterson on Entrepreneurship

    He's also a way better marketer than most of the internet marketing crowd. I remember him writing in his introduction to 12 rules that he noticed how many likes/impressions they got when he posted them on Quora. He began with the market and then created a product. If this is not a lesson in...
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    INTRO i'm new! from sicily! thanks you all for great threads on flf and support!

    Don't complain about the people around you. Saying they have a closed mindset does nothing. If most of them had an open mindset, then we wouldn't need books like TMF. Escaping the rat race and building your own future is, mainly, a loner's journey. Get comfortable with loneliness and use that...
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    BOOK Breakthrough Advertising - $1000 book for $12.95 on Amazon?

    It's a great book, but please don't lose focus. MJ, Trump, Cuban and other successful guys became rich and they probably don't even know who Schwartz was ;) I suggest googling "market awareness eugene schwartz" and "product sophistication eugene schwartz" (or using "breakthrough...
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    BOOK Breakthrough Advertising - $1000 book for $12.95 on Amazon?

    Are you sure you actually researched the book and the people (not the younglings, but guys like Gary Halbert, Jay Abraham etc) recommending it? Let me give you an analogy The 4 hour workweek and other books on entrepreneurship are good but it's not until people read The Millionaire Fastlane...
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    BOOK Why does 4 Hour Workweek get no love around here

    OP, if you have a hard time making people read your book recommendations, start by telling them what X book did for you. Simply saying "you gotta read it because its awesome" is the equivalent of hype and we're full of it. Back in January a "friend" blocked me and stopped talking to me. Why...
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    RANT Social Media Worship/You Don't Need It

    Remember the definition of marketing: Getting a great offer to the right audience, using the right media Social media is media. If your audience spends a lot of time on Instagram, don't complain. Hop in there and dominate the competition. As for Bob, you're half right. His audience is on...
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    A thought about those who give vs. those who take

    You're gonna love Ben Settle. He talks a lot about the correlations between dating and business. He has a podcast on itunes (plus an old one, called antipreneur show) so, if you're into listening to your content, check him out ;)
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    Help talk me into stop working for other people

    My advice: The first hour of the day should belong to you. Invest those 60 minutes in your own business, and then work for others. Over time, this measly hour will compound. It's a very healthy mindset to have if you're working for others, and especially in your case who already has...
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