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    HOT TOPIC Dealing with a farting dog (Idea? Opportunity?)

    Best TFF thread title in a long time.
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    Does being good at your job have anything to do with being good at entrepreneurship?

    Don't let people put shit in your head. You will act on the belief you instill. There is no ultimate truth with stuff like this. So ask yourself which belief serves you best - and act on that.
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    Anyone else LOVE working Friday and Saturday nights?

    "Friday" and "Saturday" are just words.
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    HOT TOPIC Grant Cardone, Alex Becker, Gary Vaynerchuck

    Gary does have/had other businesses so I think he's legit. Grant I don't know about. Alex I don't know about. The best rule of thumb for not getting conned is: Don't learn business from anyone whose primary income source always was, (and is) coaching.
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    AndyBlack's advice on helping people vs conversion rate

    If you wanna continue thinking of people as people, then talk to them. Talk to your "conversions." Hit them up with an email. A simple "hey thanks for buying, glad to have you. I'd love to have a chat about what you're doing/why you bought this thing etc." or something. Get on skype or chat...
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    HOT TOPIC Starting a Copywriting Freelance Business. How well do I sell myself?

    Stop listening to everyone else and do something for at least 8-12 months diligently. More if it's a "real"/Fastlane business. If advice on the forum is counterproductive - stop reading it. You will achieve way more F*cking up on your own terms than meandering on the wisdom of others. It...
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    HOT TOPIC The worst book I ever read was..

    Was tempted to check out the 10x rule, but then I saw Grant's AMA on the r/sales reddit. He ignored all the questions that required specific knowledge to answer. He only responded to general questions with "work harder and write your goals" type of answers. So I pigeonholed him as a guru with...
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    In 10 Years All Cold Callers Are Out of a Job

    10 years to pick up the phone and make enough money not to worry about the next 60 years after that.
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    HOT TOPIC Any Jordan Peterson fans out there?

    This was something I noticed too. I don't share your degree of dislike for Peterson, but I find that he's a depressant in large doses. Mainly because I don't agree with the idea that "life is suffering." (It's a part of life, but it's not life itself. I'm not suffering right now. I'm having a...
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    is selling on Amazon FBA fastlane?

    No. "Fastlane" is not arbitrary. There are 5 clear criteria (CENTS/CENTS) that define it. Read the book again.
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    HOT TOPIC Any Jordan Peterson fans out there?

    I like him on what I like him on. But I certainly don't agree with him on everything. He's a net positive in society, as a counterbalance to [politics I will omit on this forum] But he's also a Deepak Chopra type who bends terms to fit his concepts.
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    HOT TOPIC GDPR. Anyone figured this out?

    I ghost-wrote a series of articles about GDPR. Mostly to get people to go to a seminar. GDPR IN PLAIN ENGLISH (Part 5/5): What the C-Suite or Owners Need To Do About Their HR Practices (and a quick summary of the series) In this post, press ctrl/cmd+f "Summary of the Series". It's a bullet...
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    STORY WRITERS: Do You Manipulate Your Mood To Write?

    Yesterday I was writing a passage where I wanted to convey a lot of fear, anxiety and adrenaline. I couldn't write anything convincing when I was in my default state, but after I drank some coffee, put on some ominous music and dimmed the lights - it started coming out. Do you do anything to...
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    UNSCRIPTED Audiobook by DeMarco, PDF

    Perfectly timed, thanks!
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    FAILURE Drove Uber for a bit... And did THIS! INSANELY SHOCKING STORY

    You MUST read at least the first 2. If you apply those books, they will change your life.

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